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Old 22-12-2011, 11:08 PM
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Miss the friendship letter Dear Xing Li

Xing Li, remember? Before we eat with a bowl of cold noodles, drinking a bottle of drink with the scene, always so happy, so happy. off the album, according to photos in your smile, your eyes seem to have been looked at me, it seems to me; Mayfair, I also want you, I'm fine, I will remember us once. Our friendship will always continue, break time and distance will not be changed. Dear Xing Li,Moncler Homme Pas Cher, regardless of how much pressure, no matter how painful things, must maintain a happy heart, because I want you to ever happier than I am. dear, come on ... dear, take good care of themselves, and not a cold, do not get sick, do not get angry, to be perfectly healthy. Dear Xing Li, I will not forget the time and distance, our friendship, I definitely would not forget you. You are my only friend in this life, friends for life. Dear Xing Li, my thoughts of you, not a diary to express finished! Our friendship is not that a diary to write clearly. Xing Li,Chemises Abercrombie Fitch, remember? Junior high school graduation pictures, our photos, have you self-confident smile, we are holding hands, freeze-frame in the photo, the feeling is so beautiful. passage of time so fast, instant our entrance, and graduated, in the future less and less time away, because of distance, because of the time, we seem far ,,, Dear Xing Li, I want you, I hope you take good care of yourself, oh I want to remember! Dear Xing Li, I think you, I hope that red sunset to give you my thoughts. Xing Li, remember? These are our beautiful past? Xing Li, remember? School and junior high school to join us, regardless of cold or heat, whether rain or sunshine, still as before. Dear Xing Li, because of time and distance do not forget me, you have to remember we had a good past, I remember that summer we agreed! Occasional spare time, I think I remember. Xing Li, remember? I wear that white coat you, you do not want to, not reluctantly, only because I meet so I'm happy! Wearing it, I feel you on my side. text / Fifi. come to mind are memories of you and me, so beautiful, so true. I believe our friendship will last forever, our friendship will be like endless waves, everlasting ... Xing Li, remember? Put on leave, the day before dawn, we ride home, passing junior high school, we will stop, waiting for our brother to go home! That our brother in a class, we go home with the scene, beautiful and Hill are among the birds sing for us. Xing Li, remember? These junior high school, belong to our past. lectures you look carefully, it's beautiful. though you change the name of Reese, I like to call you Xing Li. Dear Xing Li, both right where I am, no matter how long time in the past, I will miss you the end in mind, that the sky looked into the distance, we walked past the scenes, is still clear. Dear Xing Li, now you must be very happy now,Peak Performance Outwear! Good treasure in front of people and things, two people in love is not easy! I hope he will be relying on your life. Envied him, and that every day with you, watching you laugh, keep you happy, as you share the pain! Well thank him, can replace me, I do not do for you ... Xing Li, remember? We are holding a lunch box high school to discuss the study on the matter, even if a lot of pressure, test pressure of our breath, but as long as we talk to each other after, it will remove the burden, I feel very relaxed. Xing Li, I believe you, like me, will it in my heart, deep in mind, right? why I always felt there are a lot did not finish? Maybe I really want you too. . . . . . . those beautiful once, is our most real memories,, Li Xing Dear Xing Li, a dream to work for their own good, no matter how hard way, as long as the chosen, we should properly go. I believe you will succeed, I will end in mind, always support you, give you confidence, gives you power and energy. We dream together for their own efforts, I believe we do not let each other be disappointed. Xing Li, remember? Weekend when we go shopping, I buy a lot of mustard, you buy your favorite fruit snacks,Ralph Lauren Hoodies, every time I always forget the number of points! Xing Li, remember? Boarding school, we slept in a bed, no quarrel, no slapstick; there are only more fun, as well as the growing friendship. We have nothing to fall back to sleep with thoughts,Cheap Diesel Jeans, the feeling is so subtle. calculate the time, we recognize that fast for eight years now! When the young girl from junior high school, and now we are grown up, crossed the high school, ran into the university, will soon enter the community. time to test, we will always write their homework late, or even to understand an exercise. Spend half an hour, like most self-study after the next, and you go to a restaurant to buy five cents buns, eating dumplings, talking heart, then go back to the dorm together. tears in his eyes round and round, those who have gone on with us, still clear. high school I thought we were not in a school, the enrollment of the day, see you in front of me, I am surprised, I am pleased, we can learn in a school. Dear Xing Li, I met you the most true, is my only friend to treasure forever. Did you know? Now the outside world a mess, in this native place, met a good friend is really difficult, few are really, and now friends are generally the relationship between use and being used, so you will always treasure and I miss a friend. turn yellow album, look at you my photo, and that happy smiling face of our once freeze-frame; Open that year graduation message, and watch your handwriting, you leave my warm words, then the U.S. , so true. Xing Li, remember? Before passing through your home room home front, see your home-grown blossoms so beautiful, so I just looked, you would not hesitate to pick me, and even dig some for me, just because I like it. Did you know? Aloe growing on, and now grows well, huge leaves, green branches, very strong vitality. Division, we chose a different path, I learned from the text, you learn science, it seems farther and farther away from us, but at least we are still upstairs floor. You can look into the classroom every day, waiting for you to and from school, listening to you talk, the feeling is so subtle, so happy. Xing Li, remember? We Yongning of those days, we have a Xing Li, remember? Tell me when you have a boyfriend when the excitement lasted, see you so happy to see him very well for you, I am pleased for you to find happiness and happy! I am lost, for my future can not be like before, be by your side and often sad. but we do not have a class, then you have three shifts, and my four classes, although the distance across the floor, but does not affect our feelings, we are still together after school to eat, go to the playground , with the dormitory. Even if your teacher Tuotang sometimes, I will be your classroom window, tiptoe, looking at you, then wait for you after class. Because of this, I also know a lot of friends in your class. Xing Li, who we had together, though passed, but the feeling is still clear in my mind. Dear Xing Li, more than a year did not see you, but pretty sure a lot of it! Now you all right? Is there the same as I think you want me? your friends for life. . . . . . Dear Xing Li, cherish the good people and things around, do not wait until after the loss of treasure, cherish you, he, because I want you happy. but it will be in my heart, forever treasure, and has been sustained. Dear Xing Li, is not that I have some slightly winded it? Xing Li, there are of you. Dear Xing Li, promise me, no matter how difficult, no matter how much pressure, we should strive to make themselves happier, right? No matter when, no matter where I live, I want you happy than I am. Xing Li, I believe you, like me, also a corner, quiet me miss it. sunset red sky, I miss your portrayal of it? I like the weekend and you walk on the railway, and then caught the flash of every moment ... now we have grown up into a slim girl, and their dream to work with. suddenly see the time, actually wrote for two hours, but how are you feeling also could not finish, perhaps I too miss you because of it! junior high school, you are squad leader, I did not dare to imagine, the results of my flat, and the squad leader to become friends. So long, have you this friend, I am glad, I am proud.
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