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Old 28-12-2011, 4:06 PM
hjghjvhkw hjghjvhkw is offline
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70 , 80 , 90, after the bizarre distinction ....

1.70 after: workaholic basically after 70. 80 after: and we refuse to work overtime! 90 after: refuse to go to work! 2,70 After: They like to wear seven wolves or Raptors brand clothes. 80 after: we like G-Star and the like. After 90: beggars clothes, the more flowers the better, the more the better .. a hole in the fashion, the trend of two holes, three holes personality ... 3,70 After: They will growl when singing k ─ ─ for example, the first snow of 2002, then took you to drink hard, will not let you sing. After 80: Mic Pa is usually us. 90 after: we not only sing but also dance! 4,70 After: In addition to their work is the topic of stock. 80 after: Our topic more Premiership, after Warcraft ... ... 90: QQ levels, QQ show ... 5,70 After: if they have laptop, will like to use public places. 80 after: we will not carry such heavy things in the body. After 90: As long as Apple laptops, and more than one ... 6,70 After: they like to drink red wine, red wine is generally the Great Wall. 80 after: we either do not drink or to drink beer. After 90: South Korea juice, soft drinks ... 7,70 Japan after: Any time they see a standing leadership, will lead immediately to seat. 80 after: we advocate equality of upper and lower levels. 90 after: heaven and earth, overweening! 8,70 After: married to his wife when they marry a virgin. 80 after: we do not mind, as long as the mutual feeling good on it. 90 after: marriage needs feelings? .. Need to get married? .. 9,70 After: they think every Japanese, American, Taiwanese want to attack China. 80 after: We like the Japanese drama series, variety shows in Taiwan, the United States large. 90 post: I'm going to Japan, because I am Japanese MM ... 10,70 after: they want China to use nuclear bombs to the top three countries (regions ) are extinguished. 80 after: we want peace. 90 after: and I have nothing to do! Clothes will cut prices to fight it? Then beat Bai ~ ~ 11,70 after: their rude waiter, waitress or verbal molested. 80 after: we only checkout when ordering and speak with the waiter. 90 after: and the waitress never speak, will discuss her clothes behind it after the soil ... 12,70: they have deposits . 80 after: We liabilities. 90 after: we have Dad! 13,Arcteryx Outdoor,70 after: they will buy the house or in Huadu, Panyu, and then spend an hour every morning ride to work. 80 after: we like to rent an apartment in the vicinity of the company, bike or walk to work every day, just to sleep for a morning. After 90: Where can we live, as long as the BF after like ... 14,70: they make a background and status. 80 after: we make like-minded people. 90 after: we make the guy covered in tattoos! 15,70 after: the weekend about their customers to eat. 80 after: we go to play the weekend about the students. 90 after: 7 days a week, weekend, want to do what to do! 16,70 after: they like to drink a toast with others after 80: How much to drink we drink How much, drink it, and how is not willing to drink after 90: I'm not just drinking, I drank the wine is not just people ~ 17,70 after: the door to their home, take off your shoes. 80 after: our house door without shoes. 90 after: we go to bed do not take off your shoes! 18,70 after: they 51, National Day to travel, then the door will be photographed in various spots V-sign many of the photos. After 80: We May Day, National Day at home to sleep, or some friends to sing k, to travel, we will only shoot scenery. After 90: every day we are 51, National Day .... cancel fifty-one nothing ... 19,70 after: eating They like to sit next to the boss after 80: We do not sit next to the boss, that was unrestrained 90: I am the boss! 20,70 after: with strangers when they find a topic like that. 80 after: we do not ignores strangers find topic deliberately not tired it? 90 after: Ah you who wear such a soil, dead guy open ~, to make friends good? ~ ~
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