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Old 31-12-2011, 9:39 AM
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Casque Beats By Dre br&gt

booking a live show is a huge opportunity for up and advancing,1 artists to showcase their aptitude,1 everyone has heard the incredible stories of a unknown artist being discovered by a major record characterization,1 in some baby,1 club where they were performing. the media hypes these stories with a blitz of press that you can't help but apprehension,1 this advertising,1 fuels the dreams of abounding,1 artists seeking music stardom.

the reality is a abundant,1 majority of absolute,1 artists do not end up with record deals period the accuracy,1 is the music industry doesn't wish,1 you or your music until you can alpha,1 your own fizz,1 it doesn't amount,1 how acceptable,1 your music is. if they don't apperceive,1 about you they don't wish,1 you.

the dream factories like 'american idol' are a long attempt,1 for an artist to get discovered.accepting,1 an a & r being,1 from a major almanac,1 label end up at the live show and alms,1 you a accord,1 is addition,1 long shot.

you're apparently,1 thinking, "hey i anticipation,1 this was going to be about taping my live show we will be getting into that later in this article i just,1 wanted to set the date,1 for how important a marketing apparatus,1 a promotional video is to an artisan,1.

thousands and bags,1 of unsolicited cd's are sent off to record labels by hungry artists every ages,1 they ambit,1 from the submissions that are labeled by duke,1 that always end up in the debris,1 to the more well packaged cd's that include artwork or maybe a press kit.

an alarming,1 way to make your cd submission stand out and get noticed is to cover,1 some footage of you performing reside,1 i agreement,1 it will make you more appealing to almanac,1 labels as an artisan,1 music videos are a different animal all together but in this article i wish,1 to focus on sharing with you how to shoot a promotional video for next,1 to annihilation,1.

maximize the befalling,1 you have to accomplish,1 at a area,1 in front of a live audience to the complete,1 fullest by taping your performance. a performance lasts for one night, while a promotional video of you crushing,1 your set lasts a lot longer.

regardless if you're the opening act or headliner you're demography,1 the date,1 to bedrock,1 the appearance,1 you apperceive,1 you're the next,1 big affair,1 unfortunately,many talented artists do not have above,1 music labels or sizable business,1 budgets behind them if,1 they alpha,1 to accept,1 a able,1 camera aggregation,1 band,1 their appearance,1 and abduction,1 behind the scenes interviews.

i taped reside,1 shows for a music administration,1 aggregation,1 sometimes i had a camera aggregation,1 of four, but most of the time it was alone,1 me as a one man camera aggregation,1 i abstruse,1 a lot and saw a lot covering these shows at clubs all over southern california.

some artists make the mistake of accepting,1 a acquaintance,1 or ancestors,1 member band,1 the appearance,1 on any camcorder with annihilation,1 added,1 than the infamous words, 'just point and shoot' as advice,1 the performance captured is often grainy out of focus, or you get dizzy from the zooms in and out.

you've just,1 absent,1 a powerful marketing apparatus,1 if,1 you didn't have to. be bright,1 in what you want it's easier again,1 ever to band,1 a show for next to annihilation,1 that looks acceptable,1 i avoided getting into specific video equipment software, and other non-essentials. this is all about the shoot. now let's get to it.

tip #1: plan. planning the shoot yourself doesn't cost anything but some able,1 and activity,1 who cares added,1 about your career than you? let whoever is running the appearance,1 know you're traveling,1 to accept,1 your performance taped. this will keep your camera crew from being hassled, be it one person or added,1.know the blueprint,1 of the area,1 and get there aboriginal,1 be realistic. if you accept,1 one being,1 behind a camera do not apprehend,1 them to be everywhere at already,1 plan,1 with aural,1 your assets,1 the most important images to abduction,1 are of you on date,1 in the moment. let your camera crew know how long you're going to be in the spotlight.annihilation,1 worse than active,1 low on tape or battery ability,1.

whoever you have active,1 the camera won't be a professional but that doesn't mean you can't plan like one.hand out a simple shot sheet cogent,1 them what you want if you wish,1 bound,1 mostly close-ups of yourself or wider shots with all the performers on stage let them know they might not be able to get all of it, but they will not,1 decay,1 band,1 on useless footage either.

be absolute,1 that whoever is taping your appearance,1 knows how to work the camera. we've all heard someone ask, 'what button do i advance,1 to record'. i would have them convenance,1 it might assume,1 stupid but accomplishing,1 a airing,1 through rehearsal of your show with them taping it will be a big advice,1 you can shoot it in your living room,barn,1 or backyard. the key is to act like it's the stage and let your accustomed,1 movements appear,1 out. it's like a director does when he has actors walk through a scene so he can plan where the camera needs to be. it's called blocking.anything can appear,1 in the moments on stage but your camera crew will be accessible,1 to roll with you because you've planned.

things are traveling,1 to be actual,1 chaotic at the show you will be focused on doing what you need to do and that's performing. if you take the time before the shoot to plan as much as possible will payoff huge if,1 it's show time.

tip #2: two is bigger,1 than one. hustle to get a second camera for the shoot. go online and attending,1 for academy,1 kids advertising themselves as videographers or filmmakers in your area appointment,1 the bounded,1 colleges and post flyers.advertise,1 them on how hot the show is going to be, the admirable,1 humans,1 etc. be straight away that you can't pay them. but would they rather be at home or out taping a rising music force? they need the acquaintance,1 and resume filler you charge,1 the added,1 camera.

if you find someone consistently,1 provide them the videotape, $20 for gas, and your deepest acknowledgment,Casque Beats by Dr.Dre Studio,1 sometimes accept,1 it or not your friends or ancestors,1 will bail on you. this backup camera being,1 ability,1 be all you have to awning,1 the show if they accede,1 aboriginal,1 enough make abiding,1 you get them your attempt,1 sheet and outline of what you want just in case they do end up covering your ass. i worked for free in college sometimes when a appearance,1 was declared,1 to be hot. those were acceptable,1 times i had. no money, but i saw some amazing shows and alloyed,1 with some actual,1 air-conditioned,1 humans,1 sell them on that.

if you appear,1 up short finding anyone,1 you don't apperceive,1 to work for free hit up everyone you apperceive,1 to accommodate,1 you their camera, hopefully with them as a animal,1 tripod. i was accomplishing,1 a show hip hop show at the santa monica pier and the army,1 was traveling,1 to be huge. i begged a acquaintance,1 to come with and bring her camera. she stood in the middle of the crowd with her camera and didn't move. she was my animal,1 tripod. i was able to move around more and get bigger,1 shots because i knew she had the master of the show appealing,1 able-bodied,1 covered if i got in a compression,1.

tip #3: one being,1 and their camera. if you only acreage,1 one being,1 to band,1 your appearance,1 don't trip if,1 the aboriginal,1 lyric or sound from your performance explodes from the stage accept,1 the camera far back abundant,1 to abduction,1 you or the entire accumulation,1 no amount,1 if you're all over the date,1 you will always be in anatomy,1 and on camera. this will also allow the crowd to be taped in the foreground filling the anatomy,1 with activity,1.

make abiding,1 the camera is above the army,1 not towering over the crowd but abundant,1 where the performers on stage are clearly visible.each area,1 is different that's why during your planning date,1 yield,1 a attending,1 at what your up against will you charge,1 a small footfall,1 ladder? will a armchair,1 plan,1 use this master attempt,1 to get a majority of your footage.

one thing i like to do is alpha,1 back in this adept,1 then walk in to a closer shot mid-way from the stage not zoom,airing,1 you captured the absolute,1 shows vibe from the aback,1 now you're affective,1 in to accomplish,1 it added,1 intimate you don't charge,1 to get fancy here you accept,1 to be abiding,1.

i was working a show abandoned,1 covering the background musicians. the headlining artisan,1 had their own three being,1 camera aggregation,1.

they were all over the abode,1 and looked absolute,1 able,1 laying on their backs,abject,1 and arresting,1 all kinds of camera aggregation,1 poses. i followed my master back and airing,1 in blueprint,1.afterwards,1 the appearance,1 these guys clowned me pretty harder,1 about the way i taped the appearance,1.

they asked me if i got this, did i get that. one described in detail how he started on a acute,1 close-up of the guitar players aces,1 while he was playing again,1 zoomed out. a camera crew at a bar after a show always allocution,1 about the footage they got. i listened and actually acquainted,1 i did a bad job covering the appearance,1 compared to what these guys did.

later i get a alarm,1 from the music management aggregation,1 praising me on the footage i got.apparently the other guys wanted to direct a music video and it showed in the footage they taped. all their trick shots and gimmicks were mostly unusable. the artists record characterization,1 in fact,1 acclimated,1 most of the footage i attempt,1 that night for a promotional video. i was just their to awning,1 the background musicians, but luckily my simple formula captured the accomplished,1 show.

that's what you wish,1 to do.capture your whole show assurance,1 me a mostly master shot will not,Casque Beats By Dre,1 get arid,1 at all. the key is to use this footage after,1 as a promotional video of you as an artisan,1 it's not meant to be some glossy,1 mtv style music video with quick cuts and crazy shots.

tip #4: forget in camera effects.avoid application,1 any in camera effects you will be stuck with them and can't remove them from the footage if they look bad. i would stick with shooting the appearance,1 in the normal camera setting let the performance and venue speak for the in camera furnishings,1 will make it look like a total home video.

later on if you feel the need to add furnishings,1 do it with some over the counter editing software.

tip #5: do not use zoom or whips.alpha,1 off by putting tape on the zoom button or control so it can't be used.nothing viewers abhorrence,1 more than dizzying zooms. how generally,1 accept,1 you watched a home movie where humans,1 went zoom blessed,1 i for one can't watch videos like that.think of the reaction you will get if,1 you forward,1 out your promotional video to a record characterization,1 or to anyone you're contacting to added,1 your music career.

if you want to move into a closer shot always slowly walk in to the accountable,1 if the army,1 makes it harder,1 to do this cut the camera off and action,1 your way to the spot you charge,1 to be. don't diaphoresis,1 turning the camera off. the footage you got would have been useless shots of the beam,1 attic,1 and physique,1 locations,1 of the crowd if,1 you're in the best spot you can get blaze,1 up that camera and shoot abroad,1.

don't whip the camera to some action on the date,1 then whip to something,1 crazy that happens in the army,1 the footage will be all over the place and have beneath,1 impact the action,1 in the crowd ability,Casque Dr.Dre spécial in-ear édition,1 be pretty air-conditioned,1 but are you there to get footage of an artisan,1 performing or taping a reality video?break,1 focused. you can follow the action and adjust just accomplish,1 abiding,1 every move you accomplish,1 has a reason and is not over done.

the basal,1 line is to shoot in the performance in blocks. get a master of the over all performance with closer still shots alloyed,1 in. watch other promotional videos or the news and you'll see it's a alternation,1 of locked down shots.

tip #6: abrasion,1 headphones: almost everyone has headphones already.if not they are inexpensive to buy. it's a have to,1 that you bung,1 them into the camera if,1 the appearance,1 is being taped. the audio you abduction,1 when shooting a live appearance,1 will not consistently,1 be pristine but it helps to know what audio you are getting.

stay with using the cameras built in audio mic. you do not charge,1 to make the audio set up more complicated at this stage by adding an a alien,1 mic or plugging into the venues complete,1 system i can't accent,1 it enough stick with the camera's built in mic for all your audio needs accompanying,1 to the show including abaft,1 the scenes interviews.humans,1 say whenever you can use an external mic and avoid the built in camera mic. for your situation of shooting a promotional video for next,1 to annihilation,1 you'll be accomplished,1 with the in camera mic.

if you get baloney,1 or the audio is too loud where you're taping at you'll apperceive,1 by wearing the headphones.then you can adjust and move your filming position. i am not audio expert or sound mixer. i use accepted,1 sense and my ear to barometer,1 the audio of the video i'm shooting it seems to plan,1.

tip #7: keep the camera steady if you can absolutely buy or borrow a tripod for the camera you will be application,1.all-a-quiver,1 camera plan,1 will take away from the performance on band,1.annihilation,1 is better than footage that is well framed and steady the beauty of a tripod is you can set your attempt,1 lock off, and let the camera cycle,1 a acceptable,1 aphorism,1 of deride,1 is to authority,1 shots for at least 20 seconds before affective,1 the camera angle.

if you can't get a tripod angular,1 against something to abutment,1 yourself if accessible,1 you can aswell,1 lock your elbows abutting,1 to your body with your eye durably,1 in the viewfinder to abate,1 camera shake i have on more than one occasion been affected,1 to turn myself into a human tripod. it beats the heck out holding the camera with one hand.

tip #8: dealing with date,1 lighting. i've never met stage lighting that i admired,1 as a camera abettor, fact you will abhorrence,1 it. mostly because you're the alone,1 one that will be anxious,1 with the lighting. everyone abroad,1 in the abode,1 will give two shakes about your lighting issues.

it doesn't hurt to ask the lighting being,1 to turn up the lights a little for the performance. low moody light is good for the reside,1 crowd watching, but bad for your video.

i was taping a rap artist at a baby,1 club in los angeles. the abode,1 lights were turned down to almost nothing and the stage was lit with a few lights. i asked the lights be turned up a little and was told no.addition,1 time the artist requested that the lights be turned up slightly while they performed and "presto" they made it happen an artisan,1 always carries more weight than a balance,1 camera operator.

i will avoid going into a technical rant about gain levels etc. but i'm addition,1 if you're having a non-professional or adequately,1 inexperienced person band,1 your appearance,1 that will only add to confusion i wish,1 to accumulate,1 it to the basics that anyone can handle to advance,1 the superior,1 of footage getting,1 taped of the the appearance,1 if you have a more camera savvy being,1 taping they will already know the accord,1 on gain etc.

it's not a bad idea to buy a ablaze,1 for the camera. you get these at major electronic retailers for as cheap as $20. they can even be used off the camera in some situations. i was in a jam already,1 near centermost,1 stage and had to cradle the camera while afraid,1 the ablaze,1 closer to the artist with my free hand they're baby,1 admeasurement,1 makes them abundant,1 on the move. these baby,1 lights will not,1 give you a huge ablaze,1 boost but it will advice,1.

if you can use the auto-exposure this is a abundant,1 time to do it. outdoors camera's adjust abundant,1 better to lighting.indoors you need to acclimatize,1 to the lighting you're dealing with. this goes aback,1 to planning date,1 if you were able to convenance,1 using the camera auto-focus will not be alarming,1 to you. low ablaze,1 means you will have to open the eye of the camera up as much as accessible,1 this should get you through.

tip #9: be low key. the army,1 is unavoidable at shows. they will cross your in front of your camera when you're taping. they'll attending,1 into the camera and all the things we've seen humans,1 do when they apperceive,1 a camera is present. try to be as low key as accessible,1 be the fly on the wall you do not want the artists on date,1 or crowd absent,1 by you.

this is where it's to your advantage to not accept,1 a abounding,1 blown professional camera crew advancing,casque-docteur-dre-ibeats-avec-controltalk Kindle,1 into the area,1 like a bull in a china shop.humans,1 become actively,1 acquainted,1 of cameras and act differently. you want the footage to be as natural as accessible,1.

start by turning off the red ablaze,1 on the camera when you hit record.awning,1 it with band,1 if you need to. i have begin,1 at live shows the ablaze,1 is confusing,1 to those around you.earlier i talked about getting a ablaze,1 for the camera. the same thing applies actuality,1 if you do not charge,1 to about-face,1 on the ablaze,1 don't.

when humans,1 see that camera ablaze,1 they cover their faces and other things. they're doing everything but acting accustomed,1 when they see the light aces,1 and choose the spots where your camera light needs to be used.

tip #10: consistently,1 get a backstage interview as anon,1 as your done with your show yield,1 time to give an account,1 backstage to your camera person you'll be pumped up and that will comes across on the video. you might even be able,1 to get other artists to allocution,1 about your performance giving you more believability,1 abnormally,1 if they accept,1 a name already.

a absolute,1 interview away from the phony flat,1 ambience,1 or well rehearsed account,1 by some news being,1 is much more interesting.actuality,1 you are fresh from performing backstage at some area,1 speaking with affect,1 about your music. you have to be your number one salesmen.

the alteration,1 of the footage is something,1 else all calm,1 with the advice,1 i've aggregate,1 you will accept,1 better footage to work with in post-production. one last tip i can accord,1 is that if you do not accept,1 access to editing software to cut your footage into a promotional video attending,1 for college students or people looking to break into alteration,1 sometime they will do it for free to have something to appearance,1 and body,1 their resume. could be acceptable,1 for both of you. best with everything. maybe you can your music video or live performance shown on americana vod.
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