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Old 08-01-2012, 6:35 AM
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Named it.

1) my name: Summer XX 2) my birthday: 2.29 3) Who is it to me: Lynn 4) Birthday want: never thought 5) believe that a lifetime of love you: I did not experience. 6) explanation is to cover, this understanding of what: love how how. 7) want to do next: early death. 8) how long it intends to marry later than: die that day. 9) love make you never forget: forget the N years. 10) did not know who has a secret: curiosity is not. 11) most want to do now: Why God. 12) Valentine's Day want to do: sleep. 14) would like to say to myself: silly B. 15) favorite song: Hunan Flower Drum Opera 17) Favorite color: sky blue, white. 18) What is love: Um know. 19) you love what you love: ask an idiot. 20) say out loud what most want: a good home bored. 21) middle of the night doing: sleeping. 22) are looking forward to what feelings: your Pishi.? 23) What confused now: too much. 24) have not regret things: Wan Daqian 25) the most sad when you do: go to bed. 26) Now time: 2011.1.31.18:51 27) has been willing to accompany me? : Looking for a man to you. 28) have not let you sad or disappointed people: a lot. 29) feel psychologically as immature: I ask who? 30) Why go to school: for the money. 31) first prize in the reality of what to do: it is illusory thing. 32) night, like it or not to sing K: general. 33) lead to insomnia: just da rice to take something to do. 34) which side are you now: the house. 35) on mass volume to your people's evaluation: A pretty good. 36) Do you know how long: nearly 6 years. 37) Do you think she told you important? : It is important, because it is a classmate. 38) Your relationship with her: friends. 39) Do you think she frightening? : Not terrible. 40) Do you think her character how to: ask so clear, loving? 41) friends in your heart is not important: very important. 43) do you remember a friend's birthday: his are often forgotten. 44) your favorite season: autumn. 45) I am in your mind what kind of: cute. 46) you will be hesitant to do: I do, you can not control. 47) What do you want to place: Hell. 48) What kind of character you hate people who: a secret. 49) Who you love: family / 50) do you drink: will 51) do you cry often: not 52) you will often laugh you: do not. 53) favorite where to go: home to sleep. 54) self-esteem you do: eat.? 55) Recently happy you: General. 56) do narcissistic you are: too deep, could not answer. 57) What is the ideal life: simple and plain. 58) to how to make yourself better than the point: everything bearish point. 59) believe that the feelings of the network do: shit. 60) Now you happy: General. 61) believe it at first sight: the half. 62) If you met you a few years after the first love: - 0 do not remember which of the mind. 63) If a man has the opportunity to re-do man or a woman: male / 64) What is your ideal lover like: not the ideal lover, your favorite on-line. 65) What to do if you turn back the clock: sci-fi film shoot me? 66) How do you think I am a person: a good person. 67) met the person you like,Vestes Northface Pas Cher, you and he / she declare it: no. 68) crush a person for many years, the confession should not be: do not know. 69) you will do for a long time who insist: be. 70) 2011 years of greatest desire: they have to live each day happy to learn Bang Bang! My parents have to be very, very good. ================================= ==========================================- - 1 +. Point to be required, do not fill it to you on behalf of you do not respect people and questionnaire 2 +. Please answer each question honestly. 3 +. The subject can not be altered without permission. 4 +. Please finish 20 people, not without point. 5 +. Please notice that 20 people after he was to the point. - [name] to start friends: - 1. camel meat 2. Tao Chang 3. Huang Yubin 4. Chen Yu Jia 5. Black 6. Lin handsome 7. Mr Chow 8. Yuan Ye 9. Huang Siyu 10. Liu Wenyuan 11. Xiejing Ni 12. bird bird 13. super-children 14. balls 15. Danjie 16. Bin whelp 17. Chiang monkey 18. Tangke are 19. Yellow Spin 20. Cat - Gan much more attractive on the point, (in alphabetical order) - did not point to, I'm sorry ha. - Please, cherish happiness -.
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