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Lounge General conversation, share interests, have a laugh or discuss anything not related to the other forums.

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Old 24-01-2012, 1:16 AM
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With these words and thought nothing more than tak

● Well, do you want to die or want to live? ● long time no one to leather was blowing so delightful! ● Get out of here, non-stop rolling ... ... ● Everyone says I'm ugly, I am actually the United States Debu obvious. ● vexatious, will have some plans! _________________________________________________ ● day was bright boil. ● not bumpy, but you can not. ● nausea nausea and cried a lot holding her mother, why? Because disgusting ... ... ● either beat you, I would have, and you fell out. ● I have this heart-breaking, holding out with like dumplings. _________________________________________________ ● No one hand, I surmise pocket. ● My interests can be divided into static and dynamic, static is to sleep, the dynamic is turning ... ● Oh - this person is not to be a shape, even the headaches are biased. ● music I do not understand this man, so when you do not fly, when not a tune. ● how would suddenly want to cry? Do I have some reflux into the small river sad? _________________________________________________ ● A beautiful beautiful uncle ah! ● I do not like pig wrestling for two reasons: First, it makes my own to become dirty, and secondly it makes pigs happy. ● smiling nothing is unlikely, and steal a little fat or hope. ● 放下屠刀立地成佛 mean, you lay down their arms the moment you cut into the other two petal of . ● nothing to do, I feel the most tired. _________________________________________________ ● Book Review said: What is redundant? Summer jacket, winter palm-leaf fan, there are so cold I have heart after your hospitality. ● forever young, forever Zhuangnen, never know what's good, always tears. ● I face my father expressed his views regarding fat: no Han's life, Han had the disease. ● You come to my letter you will not go, you leave me when you've never been. - We treat the fate and love. ● have thought I was a flower that cliff, then I, but a sea of ​​a slag. _________________________________________________ ● soul-stirring, indigestion. ● long nasty women like men, not like a long bad man .. ● not called pock pock, Kengren. ● dangers, not to withdraw! ● do not knock a few, you can not know a person or a watermelon is good or bad. _________________________________________________ ● lonely people often show very strong; lonely people are mostly moderate. ● laugh is a smile. ● My loved one is a stunning big beautiful women, and finally one day she will be riding a fire-breathing dinosaur to marry me , but I saw her horse, but did not see her master . ● alone is a person's carnival, carnival is a group of people alone. ● although not law-abiding, but also has the Code. _________________________________________________ ● people do not make me, I do not prisoners. If we are attacked, I get angry! ● Do not push me, otherwise I great up and out of control. ● We are ordinary people, we are special people, so we are especially ordinary people. ● man say he pure? Look at your eyes on the trace of turbidity. ● There is nothing more contempt for the weak to the strong the weak. _________________________________________________ ● any similarity is purely you copy me ● 笨鸟先飞, bungy first fertilizer. ● When you could not help the tears flow out of time, eyes wide open, do not blink, you will see the world circles from clear to fuzzy the whole process. ● Do not force me to tell you, if you force me again, I played dead to you. ● What kind of young, too young and who did not? You always had it? Really the _________________________________________________ ● Do not use sophisticated look to arm themselves, it acclimatized. ● explanation is to cover, cover is a story. ● The so-called threshold, the door is passed, it becomes hard on the threshold. ● strange strange things to stop you know, familiar with familiar things prevent you from understanding. ● the tragedy of life is that, when you want to go through anything, but only a knife. _________________________________________________ ● If all ginger, what will be a spicy society. ● Lions will not hear the dog barking and back. ● deeper water, the water more stable. ● seriously when you're not all like them. ● Whether king or a farmer, as long as can find peace in their own homes, he is the happiest person. _________________________________________________ ● pay for, porridge eating without hunger. ● kettle ah, why do you cry, because you ass too hot? ● If the fate of the seized the throat, armpits on the fate of torsion. ● stopping growth is not naive, but think they mature. ● If the fate of the broken your leg, he will teach you how to limp __________________________________________________ ● killed you I do not say ● full of water left brain,Cheap Levis Jeans, right brain full of flour, not move it fills a whole is moving to make money like glue ● digging with a needle, to spend money like water infiltrated the soil. ● I also have a place to go, just where I'm going, no road leads there. ● your food waste will be stuck in the way you go to heaven. __________________________________________________ ● life is colorful, but I also have their own color. ● If one day I was missing, there are only two possibilities: the body in the travel, or soul travel. ● personality and with light. ● your ugly and your face does not matter. ● I have never deceived you, because I never cheat you need. __________________________________________________ ● I can choose to give up, but I can not give up the option. ● days did not drop any on me, still bitter aspirations, workers of my bones. ● may seem probably, but not necessarily. ● the next one hundred years, it grew into a towering green onions. ● Happiness is when you look in the mirror, like you see that person. - ; QQ116011302
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