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Old 05-02-2012, 9:23 AM
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Reproduced fruit vendor fruit you choose not to t

fruit vendor fruit you choose not to tell secrets ** nothing ** following selection of fruits and fruit business secrets, steal the division learn it. first one for the impatient of you to share their experience: pick the fruit has a secret, no matter What fruit, the site of the pedicle the more powerful the more concave to pick medium size sweet fruit,Ralph Lauren UK, much of the hormone most likely, a reminder of what the leavening agent. In short, much better not to buy, whether it is fruit or river crabs, fish and shrimp! the north are mostly sold in the south of fruit ripening with a mess of stuff, because the ripe fruit of the South after a bad transportation, can only be transported over the re-processing raw cooked, so try to eat local fruit is also a method. generally a smell, look at two, three pinch. The first should have known to have no fruit flavor, but also there is no other smell the smell. Two to see if a black or rotten place. Three Nie Yinie, needless to say the principle is the fruit selected nice shiny color, but also the fruit of the root is not concave enough, there is not a circle, yes, that is, the mother, the mother of fruit more sweet. down slowly and then have time to see: Mango: mango varieties: Egg Mountain (Fujian is called), more full-bodied flavor than the oval shape, flesh is orange, like a small egg so big, super sweet super-fragrant, for juice, sauce very thick, can be a touch of honey against some water; somewhat less than some of the eggs Mans Mans waist, shaped like a small kidney, flesh is yellow, some yellow, thin stone, this mango sweet, but not as good as eggs, mango flavor; ivory Mountain, Royal Mountain, some astringent when not ripe, acid. There is another green mango Qingmang,Brautkleider, sweeter than the yellow. selected: selected mango must choose relatively full, rounded, not soft not hard, pure yellow color, you can smell the scent all the way, with no spots (speckled rotting from the inside a), smell aroma, cooked selection of about 8 minutes, put twelve days cooked you can eat and buy food that is ripe mango, mango can look at the root, should be very fresh, no water, while not wrinkled skin, that moisture is gone. mango juice has a composition, the skin is not good, it is best to eat when cut into small chunks, and do not touch the skin and lips, so like orange, grapefruit, Oranges: high body orange, flat body orange, light orange body. , usually relatively sweet and some, there is a point-like is a public, no mother's sweet, pick thin flexible, more sweet orange juice morning and evening orange rough and more muscle. grapefruit, tangerines, oranges to pick Shen hand, the skin lubricated to pick up the same as the baby's skin, rough like a pockmarked face, do not buy,Silver Bracelets UK, but winter is a popular sugar, orange skin is very rough, smooth, not good. buy the best time to buy the bottom of the orange that by hand by the more rigid the better, do not go according to the thin, the thinner the skin the better. pomelo skin more smooth, more uniform color, the more golden the better side so the grapefruit flesh sufficient water, sweet and juicy , the taste is also more. watermelon, cantaloupe, melons: pick watermelon, melon pattern to pick feels like a distraction, like the tail of small flowering shut the place,Vestes Northface Pas Cher, concave surface of the melon feels not smooth, but uneven. more green melon color, more color depth, hold with one hand, gently, listening to the sound, you should feel a little empty, holding hands there is a slight sense of shock, the flesh of the watermelon is sand, which does not close, if not familiar, is a very dead sound, selected white melon melon should choose relatively small, the bulk part of the melon is not umbilical, but a little green This is a melon leaf node of the first, better pick, as long small. There is a pick with umbilical, umbilical bigger the better, click the umbilical part of the soft. and smell melon ass, there is a good sweet flavor good to pick cantaloupe melon pick coarse textured and dense, darker smell the aroma of melon buy any time, and Guayang not even in the with the other end is concave is cooked, well, sweet Apple: Fuji should pick that looks a trace of a trace, yellow in rosy, so the soil is generally yellow , crispy and sweet and a little bit sour, taste it now. Do not pick a little bit of green seeped red, this is generally a little taste Guadan, water may also be many, but certainly not sweet. authentic Fuji apple on the table are crooked, not positive, or definitely not authentic, the color is not particularly red, some pink, and not as a red, many of their names to pick the kind, as well as to sink into the deep, so as sweet. skin pitting and more, with your fingers lightly, crisp echo, is sweet and crisp. buy Apple (mainly Fuji), preferably look for the red strip (called split point,Ugg Bottes Pas Cher, see inside the pulp soft waxy waxy, but not wet, flesh relatively slender, golden, full of fruit-shaped shell is thin compared with some, the valve will be more flesh. kind of oblong, usually thicker shell, flesh thin. the selection to yellow with a green shell as well. lychee: election to choose when litchi uneven skin, deep lines that , the kind of litchi are usually small core! and the kind of flat smooth surface, generally have a large nuclear! not only to the surface of red, and squeeze up to full and flexible, if not very soft elastic feeling a bit empty time is up long. lychee can also gently press the tail, if you feel the soft, did not press to hard objects, in general, nuclear is relatively small, if you can feel a hard object according to the generally large nuclear. pear: to pick the mother of pear, delicate, juicy and sweet. mother is on top of the nest to choose the number of double, deep navel, around the navel, more round, the roots thick. grapes: grapes to pick a whole string of full, thick capsules that look, first heard about fragrance, fragrant fruit before buying, if the winter to pick grapes, do buy fresh. Do not see fruit, depending on the stems, fresh grapes, stems stiff, bright green when the color becomes dark brown, soft flap, that is, to compare the long-off, and this grape although it may seem relatively very fruit real, but are actually the result of cold storage, not really fresh. buy two are green, it is treated, and not too much height, smaller bananas go, to be rounded, not angular banana is good, normal yellow, slightly sesame point. Kiwi: election must choose the first kiwi sharp, like a chicken's mouth, but not to vote is flat like a duck mouth kind. duck mouth is a kind of hormone, chicken mouth is never used hormones or less with the hormone. really cooked kiwi fruit is the ultra-soft, slightly darker color selection when you buy the kind that is close to the earth yellow skin, which is a symbol of sunshine, but also sweeter. Kiwi connection to pick tender green of the pedicle is that this fresh. the overall soft and hard line, if one is rotten in the soft parts. pedicle at around in the next color is also dark sweet. peach: primary election peach flavor is heard, the more fragrant the more sweet, usually are not very good-looking appearance, not too soft to pick, top with a small sharp. Strawberry: Strawberries do not buy too red, the color more vivid the more sour, a little red and white strawberries in a most sweet. Do not buy strawberries when a very large selection, shape, especially the kind of strange, to choose the same size, little bit more secure, especially not the color red, which is best a little small little white. Papaya: papaya can be divided into male and female, big belly is the mother, and rather sweet. generally pick belly of the drum surface, a lot of spots, yellow color just is not very soft feels that if there are points on the surface of glial things, it does not matter, sugar gum, this would be more sweet. If you want to immediately buy a papaya to eat , we must pick the yellow, but not too soft, so sweet papaya was not bad. If you do like papaya pork ribs soup, buy not fully mature peel papaya, papaya, of course this is rather hard, generally do not eaten raw. ripe yellow skin on the general, when the fruit can be eaten if made desserts, then you buy a red Hawaiian papaya, sweet. choose cucumber, do not buy a lot of small belly, This is a fight hormone. choose cherry, depending on whether the fresh stalk of fresh and green the stalk, the stalk black place a long time and then see whether skin wrinkling, wrinkle shows pick fruit put down the long, lost moisture. pick tomatoes, do not choose the kind of angular, and do not pick a very light weight hand feel, are Cuihong agent for the strange. buy this kinds of surface layer of pale pink, like the feeling, and part of the pedicle must be rounded, if the pedicle and then with a touch of blue, is the most sweetest of the sand Do not buy high end with a sharp and to the kind of as a whole looks more smooth, wipe with a sharp spring are fast ripening wipe things more. election to choose the color pink tomatoes, round, white skin with a small little. 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