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Netman 14-05-2006 5:35 AM

Hi I was wondering if anyone else here lived in new york state and had to take Regents exams?
I have to take 6 of them this year and they are school tests that are 3 hr long each so for me that is 18 hours of testing in one week.

empressmom 05-06-2006 5:58 AM

Wow, that's waaay too much! I teach in Ohio, and we have state achievement tests, but they're limited to three tests per week, and the tests are just two hours long. Is passing the Regents required to graduate? To move on to the next grade? At what level do you take them?

spasticfleisch 05-06-2006 10:52 PM

Yes, you must pass the following Regents to graduate:

English (two 3-hr sessions
US History
Global History
Math A
The "Living Enviornment," aka Biology
The "Physical Setting" aka Earth Science/Chemistry/Physics (at least one of the three)
Foreign Language

This year, I have to take US History, Math B, and Physics, in addition to a Physics quarterly final since for a couple years, the Physics exam was unfairly difficult since the field tests went to some school's AP classes.

The science and Math B Regents are much harder than the others since they're much more unpredictable.

Teachers teach almost strictly to the test. We use Regents questions on tests, have review books, memorize this, study this, hope you get these questions, etc. It's a bunch of crap since colleges don't really recognize the scores. They're just 1/5 of your grade.

Netman, which exams do you have?

empressmom 06-06-2006 1:02 AM

Wow--thank you, spasticfleisch, for that very comprehensive explanation! Ours are not nearly so rigorous. Not even close! Still, teachers do teach to the test because our buildings and districts get state "report cards" that are linked to performance, and if schools aren't improving, the state can actually take over the management of the district.

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