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trade4h0r 25-04-2012 4:41 AM

Sacs Louis Vuitton Travel Buy Louis Vuitton Speedy
from the beginning of this year, Qian, re Dim to create the first brand to adopt Hubei Hua Mao Jian tea: First, in seed tea Shu Kuang push fast enough. clonal varieties of the province face Ji only 21 acres of tea, tea accounted for only 10% of the total surface Ji, significantly lower than the Current construction 90%, also lower than the 31 % of average. groups of varieties of tea Shu clutter, increase the difficulty of producing quality tea. excessive tea brand now, the province registered Biao tea more Ta 300, the brand direct result of the province of tea , making Dim tea leaf Liaohuo Liao. With these comparative advantages, we believe that the tea industry in Hubei has cultivated a large well-known Fossil Sale Watches Women brands of Juan potential, but to achieve this goal Biao Jiao, there are still many barriers De: cultivate well-known brand Buy Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Azur of tea in Hubei, must overcome these obstacles Zhezhuo hands a number of measures to cultivate tea brands uality tea and tea culture rich in recent years,Sacs Louis Vuitton Travel, the provincial government's attention Dian Wei Huo support the rapid development of tea industry in our province,Portefeuilles Louis Vuitton, producing Xiao very well, ranking in the country rise. order to seriously implement the province Ling-mediated instruction, my Office has integrated the brand of tea Huo stubborn to do the tea industry as a big province of agriculture re-Dim work Huo mountain farmers to get rich engineering task. strive to good six. currently 63 counties across the province more than 300 towns tea production, the main producing counties in which 25. Hubei province has formed northeast of the Dabie Mountains in western Hubei Dian Dian Wuling Shan and northwest Hubei Yichang Three Gorges Bashan Huo triazine four advantages E'nan mufu mountain areas face Ji 207.6 .2005 acres of tea plantations, production of 85,000 tons, output value of over 3.5 billion yuan tea series, the annual export nearly millions of dollars, to provide farmers with cash income of $ 1.6 billion, regulations Yu another record amount of new Hao, tea side Jihuo Rolex Sea Dweller Replica Sale production year after Buy Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Azur year, tea production in the Cheap Baume Mercier Watch country 20 provinces of the ranking of seventh place from 1996 up to fourth place, the output value after the Zhejiang Current Promotions Dian Jian, ranked third in the country, regulations Yu efficiency as the first area in Bumi,pas cher louis vuitton sac, the country has a pivotal Mi bit. striped head and Corporate Regulation Yu Buy Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Azur small Buy Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Azur . the size of the province's existing tea plantation (plant) more than 5,000, but there are certain rules Yu's striped head less than 50 companies with the provinces compared to the smaller overall regulatory Yu Dian Dian mechanism is not driven by weak activity, business owners their own way, creating a lack of unity and coordination of the overall Yi big brand-name knowledge. secretary Chou voice instructions are: first tea factory processing system needed reform in the province's existing primary processing of tea processing plant, the largest of seven sub-Bu Dian eighties construction, the prevalence of Zhuo plant aging, scientific design, equipment, and other issues behind the old Chen has become the province of tea into the major international and domestic market barriers De . The potential advantages of Dkny Cheap Watches the tea industry in Hubei Province, caused by Hao Wei Dian degree of attention to the provincial government. has guided a number of provinces Ling Huo bigger brand of integrated tea tea industry in our province to make stubborn weight Jiao instructions.

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