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acantha 01-12-2013 3:02 AM

Treating Thyroid Disorders and Hair Fall
Treating Thyroid Disorders and Hair Fall

Although hypothyroidism is one of the most prominent causes of hair loss in people, hyperthyroidism can also be one of the reasons for the same. It is a condition that develops when there is over production of the hormone. Graves' disease is one of the forms of hyperthyroidism which is commonly found in 80% of people suffering from hyperthyroidism. Weight loss or weight gain, nervousness, anxiety, fatigue, palpitations, tremor, nail changes and hair loss remy wigs uk are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, or overactive hormone.

If you suffer from severe hair loss full lace wigs uk for no known reason, it is wise to consult a doctor immediately. Similarly, if you observe any of the above mentioned symptoms along with hair loss, then too, you need to consult a doctor to diagnose the cause for the same. Thyroid tests help in diagnosis of hyperthyroidism as well as hypothyroidism.

There are traditional thyroid problem treatment methods which the doctor will prescribe. Secondly, the doctor may even advise certain supplements or natural remedies to stop hair loss full lace human hair wigs uk and treat the thyroid problems. If the condition is caused due to autoimmune disorder, the doctor will prescribe medications to suppress the immune system. Although the treatment methods are effective in stopping hair fall, there is no treatment for regrowth of hair!

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