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Old 24-01-2014, 2:23 AM
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north face dunjakke also played semi-concealed lute how long decaden

Down floor windows pierce collusion paper (reprint) (reprint) mirage Minhang "Lotus Riverside" building under construction collapsed, the main person responsible for the relevant 9 has been controlled; while on the network, a real estate developer for the "human flesh search" is being further upgraded. Material entitled "Shanghai Lotus Riverside real estate collapse latest information exposure," Jaime will have on developers and identity of all shareholders of all the Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. exposure. In this material, the mayor's assistant, Minhang District, Westgate, land office director, general manager, etc. Mellon Asset titles appear in the list of major shareholders and I believe that this must be a proof-like "human flesh search , "and will never be stumbled --- just the list of shareholders of the company and the local government officials a list control, we can prove that the interests of the Union had circulated for a long time the property market collusion. Proves once again that, even if some specific shady yet to be revealed, but always remain the same, the "case" is the common sense, the "common sense" is: profits will certainly let the powers around the corner, while profits also wants to north face dunjakke continue must seek the support of power, so continuous and can not shake the profits often hidden behind the shadow of collusion. Mine case, road case, the property market is the same. About the high prices and the government bailout of the discussion, a conclusion is no longer taboo: This land finance and local government dependency great, great interests at stake bailout decision a positive stance; addition, there is another equally well known but still holds conclusion: Under this government officials and private interests are closely related, the pattern of collusion, corruption, dirty undercurrent is high prices and eager to rescue an important reason. "Mouth" developers Ren once said, the housing market is far less corruption in the transport sector on the grounds that the transport sector dismount many officials, corruption in the real estate field are usually associated only afterwards were investigated. But this time, unfortunately, "uprooted" inverted floor, pierce the surface of the paste in the property market chaos corruption thick windows of paper, by way of evidence allows us to get a glimpse inside the real property market collusion. If the land can be said Shangqie financial dependence "from the people, giving back the north face jakke to people," collusion is to eradicate corruption must immediately chaos. When government officials stake in housing prices put on the "red top" hat, which not only established the referee blows Whistle bribes as one player or even directly involved in the attack, we understand: why 2003 could take the land until 2009 was built to sell, why be so brutal demolition emboldened why high prices so far, but still can claim normal, why normal people will no longer tolerate downward price adjustments, why give the property prop can then do anything ...... "Lotus Riverside "is to take the land in 2003, but along with all the cost plus 4,100 yuan per square, but the housing contract sales price has reached 14,297 yuan per square, only this one is real estate profits do down four or five million. This is the reality of the property market profiteering, which is the property of collusion background. High prices do not represent the high quality The North Face Milano of housing, but instead always go hand in hand with low quality, denounced the collapsed building; high prices represent the high incidence of corruption, collusion sit spoils, to expose the collapsed building down floor --- denounced and disclosure, why should not lead to relevant departments attach great importance to it? also played semi-concealed lute how long decadent, white inside wrapped in flames but also maneuvers to jump to when?
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