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Old 26-01-2014, 12:25 PM
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north face jassen Gulp Wahaha

Secretary Ma Pingbang: pseudo-apology put out by KPMG judicial sovereignty is inviolable (reprint) "Transformers" was recently staged lively. This piece fully become a positive image of the U.S. military propaganda tracts. Most are silent people, the U.S. military in China, Egypt and other countries marched as unhindered. It does not respect the sovereignty of other countries consciousness. In reality, the United States and its European allies also staged one of trampling on the sovereignty of the show. KPMG before have jurisdiction for infringement of China's sovereignty, tort Wahaha newspaper apologized, while apologizing while statement "would like to appeal the Supreme Court," which is this really a sincere apology, become hypocrites perfunctory. KPMG's duplicity face exposed. The KPMG apologize, because fraud conspiracy Danone Wahaha, Danone embezzlement attempt to assist the national brand Wahaha sky. KPMG BVI holding this little tiny Vesting Order, bypassing the Chinese court, ignoring China's sovereign jurisdiction, to Suqian Wahaha offices, banks and Industry Bureau released takeover letter. But, swollen with arrogance KPMG did not expect, Suqian branch is hoe, but their court. In April this year, Jiangsu High Court of Final Appeal, the determination of jurisdiction KPMG violated China's sovereignty, tort Wahaha, ordered to the newspaper to apologize. Delays two months later, KPMG apologized, but reluctant, but also for a struggle: "would like to appeal the Supreme Court." Some critics say that KPMG hand to apologize, on the one hand and at the same time by way of a public statement said it would appeal the trick, is essentially the entry into force of the legal obligations of judicial decisions instruments to resist, but also offset the apology for such violations of civil responsibility in the form of legal significance. This behavior is a provocation against China's judicial dignity, there is no real obligation to fulfill the court ruling. Coincidentally. United States and Europe accuse China of restricting exports of rare metal resources, and downtown on WTO. "Nanfang Dushi Bao" with such a rare headline news: "coveted rare finding fault sued the U.S. and Europe to WTO". "Covet" is the word used was too image of. For China's strategic resources, the United States and Europe these countries are salivating. Do not forget, rare metals such strategic resources, mining a north face jassen little less that. America has always been rare big country, but sealed their own resources, turn accused the Chinese export restrictions, this pair of two-faced countenance, wonderful enough. As a sovereign state, limiting strategic resource exports is China inalienable rights, the United States and Europe in finding fault not only unfair, but also a violation of Chinese sovereignty. Large countries to strategic resources, such as small as a national brand Wahaha, western developed countries and their companies are eyeing, wait mouthful annexation. To this end, they are unscrupulous, but do not speak jurisprudence, acts recklessly trampling on China's sovereignty. Take "Transformers" analogy, the U.S. and European giants dispute with the Chinese government about the rare metals, as well showdown between Optimus Prime and the Decepticons, vigorous, is hard on the hard confrontation, is the world-renowned big wide open to kill the whole family. The Danone Group, a joint company of Wahaha Group, KPMG Switzerland siege just like "latent" and "plot", although minor placid on the surface, deep stream at the reef aspect perils. Although not the same, but the point is very clear objectives, namely: China's resources as the goal, trying to nibble swallowed. Alas, China has emerged in the nations of the world, but still dangerous environment Language Daozu fish. Or, because of the rise of China, was established international monopolies, hegemonic countries deemed dangerous opponent, so the international environment in which China has become more difficult. To Wahaha and Danone for example, on one hand both envious Danone Wahaha lucrative; hand Wahaha grow and develop also threatened to reach to survive in China. The North Face Milano What is the best way? Gulp Wahaha, Danone itself in order to grow. Similarly, China's rise, but also a threat to the U.S. and European giants the right to speak in the world. By plunder China's strategic resources, on the one hand is to weaken China, on the other hand is to meet the needs of the U.S. and Europe itself. It seems that both the rare metals dispute or disputes doll Haha, in fact, the process of redistribution of interests and power are rising power of China and established international monopolies between Danone and KPMG Association from trying to be more circuitous Chinese enterprises and the means to seize control of the Chinese market sinister than the United The North Face Outlet States and Europe may be placed on the desktop giant tougher and more people are very hard.
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