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acantha 15-11-2014 12:27 PM

women began to straighten their hair
women began to straighten their hair

The techniques used to braid the hair style is known as an underhand braid motion. The process of creating this complex hairstyle is very time consuming, but the result is really gorgeous. For centuries, it has been used as a method of styling the hair of African-American nature. Over the years, the style of a simple straight line has evolved into a spiral and funky geometric patterns.

History of cornrow braid cheap human hair wigs uk

And a common way of styling the hair of sub-Saharan Africa for centuries, cornrows and stood for religious people, relatives, status, age, and ethnicity. In fact, you can see the hair style braided black like cornrows in coins and Roman statues of ancient hieroglyphics. Sculpture of clay dating from the knock of civilization of Nigeria, a cornrow braid back to 500 BC display. In addition to maintaining the appearance clean and tidy the house of the man-made forest, when it is used not only as a means of covert resistance, slaves, braid styles cornrow came to America it.

After the Civil War, African-American women began to straighten their hair curly human hair wigs. However, typically, style cornrow braided was seen in children. With the advent of 1950, the emergence of the black hair style was seen when you start to influence the political system of the United States of colonial Africa.

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