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flyaway154 16-01-2004 3:34 AM

This is helpful. Also, prior to retrieval, make sure that your password on the iCloud settings on your phone is correct as if there's an error on this, oftentimes the contacts won't show up.

channvincent 26-11-2014 2:36 AM

How to retrieve lost contacts after syncing with iTunes?
1. I lost all of my contacts after syncing with Itunes?
I recently got an Iphone 4s and decided to sync it to Itunes. My family shares one Itunes library, so when I went to sync my phone, I got all of my daughters contacts and all of mine were gone. I tried the itunes back up, but I'm still stuck with my daughters contacts. How do I retrieve my contacts, or are they gone forever? - mustu

2. I was sent a new iPhone and when I sync it with iTunes none of my contacts came back is there any way to get?
All my contacts were lost is there anything I can do to get them back - Michael Sutcliffe

If you lost contacts after syncing with iTunes, don't worry, you can get them back, just use one iPhone data recovery to help you, here recommend the FoneLab or Mac FoneLab, which can retrieve lost contacts, text messages, photos, video, music, calendar, note etc directly from your iPhone.

Retrieve lost contacts after syncing with iTunes

Step 1. Install and run the FoneLab. Then select "Recover from iOS Device" mode and click "Start Scan" button to scan your iPhone.

Step 2. This program will automatically scan your iPhone and display all current and deleted data on your iPhone. Only check Contacts in the left sidebar. And click "Recover" button for your device. The Contacts will be saved as HTML, CSV and VCF files.

Step 3. When the recovery is complete, you can use iOS Transfer to transfer Contacts to your iPhone.

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