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channvincent 01-12-2014 8:36 AM

How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone 6/Plus/5S/5/4S?
1. How to transfer music from ipod to iphone?
I just got a new laptop and I want to transfer a music playlist from my ipod 4 to my iphone 4s. I don't have any music on my laptop so im not really sure how it works if it can. So help please.
Update : when I plug my ipod into my laptop I cant press sync because it will delete all my music from my ipod and replace it with music in my iTunes library... But its a new laptop so there is no music in my iTunes library and I don't know how to transfer music already on my ipod to the library - Brandon

2. How to transfer music from iPod to iPhone?
I just got an iPhone 6 Plus for Thanksgiving, and would like to know how to transfer my music over from my iPod (5th generation) over to it (playlists and all). I currently have iTunes 12 on my PC.Thanks!
Update : BTW, all my music is currently only located on the iPod (nothing in the iTunes folder on my PC) - Logic316

Now many people plan to upgrade or have upgraded to iPhone 6 or Plus, but the music on the iPod, they don't know how to transfer them to the new iPhone 6/Plus. Here, introduce the easiest way to transfer music from ipod to iPhone 6/Plus in one click.

First, we need a third party software to do that job, recommend the MobileTrans or MobileTrans Mac, which can help you to transfer music from ipod to iPhone in one click.

Step 1: Download & run the MobileTrans
Download the tool, then run it, you will find the main screenshot as below, To transfer iPod music to iPhone, you should choose Phone to Phone Transfer mode and click Start.

Step 2: Connect iPod & iPhone to computer
Using the USB cables to connect your iPod & iPhone to computer. Make sure the Source is your iPod, the destanation is the iPhone, if not, remember to click the "Flip" to change them. As you see, MobileTrans lets you transfer Music, contacts, messages, photos, video and calendar to iPhone.

Step 3: Start to transfer Music from iPod to iPhone
Check the Music to transfer, then Click the "Start Copy" button. In the pop-up dialog, you can check the transfer progress. It takes you a few minutes. When it's finished, the music on your iPod will be transferred to your new iPhone 6/Plus.

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