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channvincent 04-01-2004 4:25 PM

How to recover photos from iTunes backup?
What's the best software to recover lost iPhone data from iTunes backup?
my iphone 5s was stolen, so much important data on it!!! i usually sync iphone with itunes and i know there is a data backup on my computer, but how to extract the photos, contacts, sms and such from my iphone backup, i tried many such programs but none satisfied me, help.. - Baron

Recover pictures from iphone backup?
Hey guys! i really need some help. Before i sold my iphone 4S, i took backup in iTunes of everything, and when i got my new iphone5, the pictures didnt come. I can see that there are pictures there, but there are only empty squares with file names written on them, like JPG or PNG, but the picture it self doesnt show up. Ive tried almost everything, and searched the web but cant seem to find any solution. And i really need the pics, it was from vacation when i visited my family. Have any of u seen this before? Any programs i can try. - Livia

Many people lost photos on their iPhone/iPad/iPod, but they have an iTunes backup and they want to get them back through iTunes backup, but the iTunes backup files are not regular file type, it's a SQlitedb file to protect personal privacy. we are not allowed to preview and read the iTunes backup files even you know these files where they are. We need a third party tool, eg: iTunes extractor - FoneLab or Mac FoneLab is highly recommended if you need to view Backup files in iTunes and you are allowed to save them to computer in one click.

How to recover photos from iTunes backup files with FoneLab?

Step 1. Install and run this program. Then select "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode and click "Start Scan" button to scan iTunes Backup files.

Step 2. After the scanning, you can check and preview files from each category like Camera Roll.

Now you can read iTunes backup files on your computer. If you want to recover deleted files, check them and click Recover. Then they will be recovered and saved on your computer.

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