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Trish 14-04-2006 5:00 AM

Sports fans
So what is your favorite sport/team? I like to watch football, baseball, and Nascar myself. I can't stand to watch basketball. Everytime I say that, people look at me like I'm from another planet, lol.

Michael311 15-04-2006 8:54 PM

Chicago bulls! And that is funny, because basketball is the only sport I watch regularly. Lol.

kingkong118 15-04-2006 10:29 PM

I like to watch rally driving, formula one, motorcross and other kinds of racing sports. :) I totally dislike football, i can't stand the sport, it just seems so pointless to me kicking a ball around. lol :)

pjanaway 15-04-2006 11:14 PM

I love footbal, its my favorite sport, my favorite team is Manchester United. :) I have liked them since i was 5 years old or so. So its been quite a while.. lol

Trish 16-04-2006 1:19 AM

king kong, are you talking about American football or European football? I'm talking about American, but I guess what you said could sort of apply to that as well lol. But anyways, that's the same thing I think about basketball. Well not about the kicking part, of course lol.

Belson17 16-04-2006 2:51 AM

I like Hoops, Hockey, Football and Baseball. My favorite team is the Yanks, Jets, Islanders. (Too embarrased to mention the Knicks);)

Mike C 16-04-2006 6:34 PM

NBA - Celtics
NCAA Basketball - UCONN
NFL - 49ers
NCAA Football - Texas

Football and basketball are the only sports I follow, really. I'm quite fond of the Yankees because of their rivalry with the Red Sox. I despise the Red Sox and the Patriots, especially the Patriots.

rockz 17-04-2006 2:48 PM

My favourite sport is Cricket and I am a huge cricket fan.
I watch every game of India if possible and with full interest.

I also love football and basketball.
I sometimes watch football games of good teams like brazil or france or italy!
YaY ;)

Thumperfive 17-04-2006 4:20 PM

I have to say it varies - I'm NOT a football fan, but the rest of the sports are really getting to the point where if you have the money, you buy the title and that's not right.

raettopia 18-04-2006 5:30 AM

When I watch hockey, I like the Vancouver team. I don't know what they are called but I enjoy them. They amuse me.

vicki2 18-04-2006 7:24 AM

In the States, I was a rabid football fan, but since moving to Scotland, what I really like watching on t.v. (and this is hard to admit!) is snooker!

ebittner 19-04-2006 4:22 AM

I like football and I would have to say that my favorite team are the Dallas Cowboys. I like htem a lot and I have since I was a kid.

Trish 19-04-2006 4:58 AM

^So what do you think about Terell Owens being a Cowboy, now? I know there are alot of fans, well at least from what I've noticed, that are too happy with it. I always thought he was a good player, just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut sometimes lol. Even though I'm in Texas, I don't like the Cowboys lol. I don't dislike them, they're just not on my list.

Belson17 19-04-2006 4:05 PM

What does everyone mean by football? Do you mean Soccer, what it's called in the USA? Or American Football? You know where 11 guys lineup on each side of an elliptical ball and break each others bones?:D

raettopia 19-04-2006 4:25 PM


Originally Posted by vicki2
In the States, I was a rabid football fan, but since moving to Scotland, what I really like watching on t.v. (and this is hard to admit!) is snooker!

I'm sorry, what is snooker?

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