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lee 16-01-2004 2:19 AM

Sim Swap Guide for the O2 Network.
SwapMySim Procedure.

If a person upgrades to another phone and the new phone takes another sized Sim Card then this procedure moves the Tariff and Mobile number from the original SIM card to the new one. If on PayAsYouGo any credit will move across too.

This is the same if a new SIM card is required if a person feels their original one may be at fault.

Any O2 HighStreet Store can perform the swap in store (if on Contract please take some Photo I.D just incase), or a person can take the SIM card home or request one via O2 Customer Services. 202 for Contract. 4445 for PAYG. 8002 for Business -> O2 | Contact Us | Help, Support and Useful Numbers

Sim Swap link -> Swap my sim - Enter mobile number Or text SWAP to 20220

Be sure to ask for an Account Specific Blank SIM card as Contract and Pay As You Go versions hold different information. And please take some Photo ID for Contract Sim Cards just incase your asked.

The Service will stop on the original SIM card which indicates the swap has started. Turning the phone Off and On , or if applicable switching airplane mode On and Off ,with the new SIM card in every 20 minutes or so will typically help the connection to settle.

If your newly sent SIM card is a Nano sized version then another alternative if O2 have not supplied a SIM card adapter kit with it, is to pick this free adapter kit up from any O2 Store ,or order a set for a small fee from one of the auction sites.

Regards, BandOfBrothers (05/11/14)

sultan khan 17-11-2016 8:38 AM

Sim cards need to be installed into a mobile phone to enable the use of the mobile phone onto the mobile network. A Mobile number will be associated with the Sim card when in use. However there are Sim Cards that are called Blank Sims.

A Blank Sim is when no mobile phone is associated with it, so this allows what is known in the Industry of Sim Swapping.

There are 3 types of Sim Cards that you will see. There are called Mini Sim, Micro Sim and Nano Sim.

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