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swampwiz 19-09-2016 1:55 AM

Looking for a good pay-as-you-go carrier with very low baseline rate
Here is my situation. I go abroad from the USA for long stretches of time. I currently use Tracfone, but since the baseline cost is about $8/mo, I stop buying time (even baseline time, i.e., no usage time) when I go away, and simply get a new (free) SIM card from Tracfone when I get back. Tracfone requires me to such a new SIM card and won't let me use the SIM card once baseline time expires. I get a new phone number every time, but that barely matters at all since I broadcast my new phone number to all my friends/family once I get it.

This has not been that big of a deal as I have an internet phone line as my main phone number, and only use the mobile phone when I happen to be away from my home - or when I absolutely need to make a call when my internet is down. :mad: However, with Uber and the like getting to the situation in which I could realistically use Uber to get home from my airport (which is about 75 miles away :eek: and currently requires me to use expensive ground transportation, although not as expensive as hailing a cab from the airport), I would like to be able to use Uber from the airport. But this would only work if I actually have a working mobile phone at the airport, and my current situation forces me to at least wait until I get home and get the SIM card from the mail. (Currently, Uber does not work on a regular browser and requires a smartphone. :rolleyes:)

I haven't looked into it, but perhaps I could buy a SIM (with minutes) from an airport store; this would solve my problem, and since I really rarely use the phone to *make* calls, it could be more expensive on a usage basis, so long as the baseline charge is not too high (it seems rather high for Tracfone).

Anyway, this is my situation, and I am open to any recommendations.

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