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Jue123 17-11-2016 1:29 PM

Nobody can fix this

I am at my wits end. If you have any idea what is happening here I would appreciate hearing it.

My iPhone 5 was dropped, I thought this was causing its to have rubbish mobile data speed and inability to send picture messages from sms, so I eventually changed to iPhone 6. The problem never improved. Vodafone said the reason I could not send sms picture messages was related to apple and to speak to them (this was after hundred of updates, resets, trying sim in other peoples phones etc).. Apple denied it was their problem, months of trying to sort it and I eventually gave up and bouight a HTC. I still have the same problem, they wont send, so I contacted Vodafone who said it was HTC's fault. I called HTC, they went through everything with me and finally suggested the only thing it could be was my sim card... right back to Vodafone. I have since changed the sim card and been through countless resets of updating setting and all that, rebooting, sim swapping stuff ... still not joy... everyone else's phone works faster than mine on mobile data and can send picture messages, so why would I still have this issue, I would change my number but its a business number.....:mad:

lee 29-11-2016 6:46 PM


Speak to Vodafone customer service to have mms provisioned on your account.

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