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Old 16-11-2011, 10:38 PM
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San Mao's death touched the classic 100 - Qzone lo

| Back to logs list Reprinted from alumni of the user at 14 o'clock on September 21, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Xiao x 1. with a second turn and walk away, a lifetime to forget. . . . 2. knows in relation to take an umbrella to rain, not knowing the outcome, please do not start! 3. Some people never go to back off, so wait and hesitation is the world's most ruthless killer! 4. promise - 5. What are you doing? I look at the sky. What is 30 degrees, look up to? I miss her point of view. 30 degrees head carried Why? To keep my tears fall ... ... - 6. really want to come to a serious effort to quiet the Don Ke German's unrequited love ... ... - 7. human life can not be affiliated, they are left alone flesh and money exchange. So please wait for your life that have special significance for the people ~ - 8. In my world, you are still pure, dirty only in this world ... - 9. later you will inadvertently think of me, please do not forget I loved you so deeply ... ... - 10., sun dried the tears I miss you ... ... - 11. tiptoe, we can from being closer to it? - - 12. the warmth of my life for so many, all of which I gave you, but you leave me, how you call me later and then people laugh - 13. Some people will always be engraved in memory, even forgetting his voice, forgot his smile and forget his face, but when - think of him when the feelings are never changed - 14. I love you, there is no purpose. Just love you. - 15. the pain of separation and disappointment, has been unable to pronounce the sound came. - 16. feelings sometimes just one thing. Nothing to do with anyone. Love, or do not love, can only end their. - 17. those beautiful fish, when they are sleeping with open eyes. Do not love, has never cry. They are my role model. - 18. chess people have to go, who cares other than a refined Red residues chess? ? - 19. We have also had good memories, just let the tears dyed blurred. . - 20. I have been looking for that feeling, that in the cold days, he gets a pair of warm hands, practical sense to move forward. - 21. because the flat, sometimes we love the free original warm haven; curiosity, our journey will be a crossroads not - Jing Yi's turn to turn the moment you desire, you can hear the whispers of love behind her tears. - 22. night to me, and still with his eyes open, because I saw you leave traces in the moonlight. - 23. In this city, I believe there must be that the person, thinking the same thing, With similar frequency, in a lonely station exit, arranged and I meet. - / p> 24, - do not love love, never worse. Therefore, we flirt, we ambiguous, but never fall in love. - 25, time does not wait for me, is that you forgot to bring me go, we just lost in a strange storm in bulk, from far apart, between two forget themselves. 26. love, family ... ... nothing is there between us, but just not love ~ - 27. If you were reincarnated, I would like to be your sister, even though we can not get married, and I could be your loved ones will never give up! - 28. You know, the boy standing on the left side because that girl away from her heart to more recent ... ... - 29. one day you will know: bus 5 minutes, Line 9 minutes, our love - life only this class! - 30. to pursue to the people I love, I am willing to give up everything I own, but when I gave it all, she will accept my love? - first language: the world says sad more than happy person, can be more sad when I think it is addictive ... ... - 31. life is the love of uniform, not uniform becomes a kind of injury ... ... - 32. - keep a heart, do not keep a cat like. It is cold, to snuggle you; it is hungry, to tell you; it itch, to Morocco you; it is boring, then secretly gone. Keep a heart, how I wish, like keep a dog, not you keep it, but it keep you! - 33. a relationship can bring you much pain, too much had to bring you great joy ... ... - 34. Hong Kong than on the mainland the night really beautiful? - 35. When you put on love, wedding, and I put on a monk's robe ... ... - 36 Give me a fulcrum, let me re-leveraging your heart? I can be sad, until you leave, it still refuses to give me the fulcrum ... ... - 37. If your marriage is not happy, then come back to me, even if I am too old for that walk, I will take you to run away ... ... - 38. Yesterday, I sold himself to school, so today I am doing nothing; And tomorrow, I will marry the body in the living ... ... - 39. in the crowd seeing you smile, trance as if back in time. One day we will meet by chance once again, love at first sight, and then fell in love with each other? - 40. When we are old, I hope - can kiss your gums and forever ~ ~ ~ - - First language: now you burst into tears? Posts background like rain drops, non-interest bearing slide ... ... - 41. the phone, she cried and said: 42. lovelorn men, though different, but looking at the stars they were the only coincidentally ... ... - 43. my whole world upside down, only to straighten your reflection ... ... - 44. If a person's feelings have been freed, the other person could go terrible hell ... ... - 45. No. 73 Peach failed ... ... - 46. Love is the last generation in this life debt owed to the intelligence but also - and I certainly vulgar previous life, and made my life without debt may also! ! - 47. If after only a porridge, you first drink, drinking, and I'll lick the bowl clean, ~ - 48. My dear, go out to play tired, hurt, then to come back, I am still here waiting for you ... ... - 49. It was the pursuit of happiness, so efforts; people have a happy, so give up ... ... - 50. lovelorn lovelorn I bolted the new, as is not to feel lonely ... ... - ; - first words: Who says poetry has fallen in contemporary China? They are not in - 51. looking at the sky, rain good salty, whether tears in the inside? - wind blows the leaves fly, who knows who I am? - Thank you to accompany me through those days, I will lock this memory in my heart. - some words, say that are no longer important. - some things, like forget forget. - If I years older, will you stay with me? - If I was born a few years back, will we together does not change? - From now on, we no longer see each other. - years later, do not know who will stay with me ... ... - 52. In the time I needed you most, you may not with me. - I want to rely on, you do not timely appear. - when I need comfort, your voice can only be on the phone inside. - lonely and helpless in my time, your shadow will appear in the sky ... ... - and soldiers is a typical Platonic love, the spirit of love, romance is not reality, if you are looking for a ride, a backing, a support, the military is undoubtedly the worst choice! However, they fall in love with the soldier will be unforgettable, because this relationship will be doomed to never be ordinary! ! ! - 53. I have inadvertently hurt you - you sad to leave - I want to stand here - you come back - case you do not come back - I've been waiting for is not here - How sad that you ah - you are so vulnerable - I am afraid you can not afford - I'm waiting for the - have been waiting for - 54. It is not a game, why is there a line holding hearts, and faint for the pain? - That is not a encounter, why the shadow floating on the bridge, the total tied into sleep? - was not a dream, why your gentle whisper, always sounded casual? - a word, I never say, not because it is heavy, but they were afraid it rough ... ... - for some time, I never forget, not because the bear, but it is carved too deep ... ... - has a name, I call in my heart, not the fear of being heard, but the fear of being blown away ... ... - 55. early in the morning, put a little light music, touch your ear, noon, I cook, you do the laundry, washing dishes and for whom too little noisy frame; - evening, watching the sunset hand in hand to the river, laments life better; - night, we hugged and sleep, even dream of having peace of mind do not bother to do. - occasional itch you scratch me, and I draw you a thrush, a stable and contented life ... ... - (whisper) Shhh ... ... please do not wake my dreams, thank you ~ - 56. or the same place, the same season, with a touch of the wind ~ - I was this light wind ruffled the young at heart. - light wind blow, blow away my tears, blew my sorrow, blew my wounds, blew my memories and worries - ... ... - the go all gone, the left did not leave ... ... - I gave my all, back the young at heart - - continued my lonely journey of life ... ... - 57. angel without wings, what? - you say: God will be abandoned, since leaving paradise. - He said: You are wrong, she would fall to my side to accompany me to watch the sunset sun. - I said: Actually you are wrong, because I will stay at her side, along with her to see the end of time ... ... - 58. that night / I smoked a lot of smoke / smoke into your face / I play a wave / all gone with the wind - 59. There would not be red roses / who is / wrists with a stem of thorns cut / blood tick / and tears / red buds of this white / from / Whenever a broken heart / the ground will be a blood-red rose in full bloom - 60. My heart is made of glass, although it is not crystal noble, but as transparent, fragile, love you. So, I Pengdao it with both hands in front of you wish you could shelter it; I do not expect you will take a good care of it, even if it did not take my pocket - as long as I can feel your body heat content to ! I know you broke it is not intentional, but also know that later on it does not grind to grind is that you are dedicated to; But now it is broken, another on the broken ... ... The surface of each grain of powder is your shadow , when you go from a gust of wind has blown away with my heart powder; you go, my heart is not complete. I carefully collected the remnants of the powder, the dignity of their own had a tin, put the broken heart sinking into it, and then locked iron box, and then far to throw away the key ... ... I hope there One day, someone will be picked up that key, happened to find my tin, but also happen to not mind my broken heart Fengyun, it back slowly, slowly then each section of your shadow on the swab out ... ... - - first language: you think you completely forget the actual possession of it has been deep in your heart ... ... - 61. I know nothing of external galaxy - to you, is the same! - 62. Love is a dream, there are those who are always overslept ~ - 63. you for a beautiful future, give up our warm now ... ... - 64. Cowherd and Weaver said the most painful day of the year only. I say they really are the happiest! Who have been missing 364 days go again ~ - 65. If I were you, a tear, I will fall into your lips to be stationed in your heart; If you are one of my tears, my whole life do not cry, because I am afraid of losing you ... ... - 66. a few good years, clouds hanging in the blue sky of autumn, love leaves in the afternoon sun, when I re-opened when the page you will still feel wet prints ... ... - p> 67. the sky fell in love with the land, but too far away from the earth. Thus, whenever the sky to earth, will the skies ... ... - 68. secretly watching you secretly think you secretly love you - Finally, secretly cried ... ... - 69. waiting for the rain, is the umbrella of the fate of life ... ... - 70. when you could not help the tears flow out of time, eyes wide open, do not blink! You will see the world blur by the clear and the whole process, the heart will fall in tears the moment you become clear clarity ... ... - first language: if he (she) said to you of the most moving words have become the biggest lie you have heard this life? - 71. Love is like a sumptuous feast, often dressed up, only to restrain the wolf is always full cup. The arrival of the next feast, but still have to dress up ... ... - 72. love a person is not committed to her how good she would, but knowing that there is no love, hope, and still have been there innocently waiting for her ... ... - 73. I have money, you come back ~~>_ 82. When I was not sure what adjective to modify the time of our love, only to find it for you, but only an uncountable noun ... ... - 83. Does it look very romantic, very innocent, may be the ultimate reality is cruel, because she can not stand Youyanjiangcu cooking ... ... - 84. Some things will eventually learn to forget, one day, forget you, forget our previous pledge. Have moved a little happy little small house, I was greatly moved by the happiness of a big big world ... ... - 85. a man with smoke, with beer, and will have a story; woman money, with pretty, and will have a tragedy ... ... - 86. night, in which a pair of high heels to dance with me? Every time I step on the pain in which a red lips ~ and the temptation to me, looking back has been the insistence of giving up? - 87. People are always feel happy when close to happiness, happiness for the Shique about the outcome ... ... - 88. Every girl wants to fall in love with the colorful clouds foot hero Monkey King, Monkey King because they feel too childish, immature, unsuccessful, nothing can be, who knows ... ... Deluxe Link into the Monkey King is out to love others as the price? - 89. remember does not mean that is eternal, does not mean do not forget the place; the origin of the sky with your hand look, peach edge off spring with me smile ~ - 90. people like the couple in the horizon, new love feeling loved, the old is silent, for as little taste. Chang said: left-heat it up ~ - - the end in mind: If you have for him / her Ganchangcunduan before, so please rest assured that boldly read weep - for lost youth, love for the recovery of not ... ... if you cry or do not know us says: first, because you're too young, inexperienced; Second, ordinary life has you beat, it deprives the body of your most precious and warm, the most important place, in this night ... ... - / p> - 91. Once, I love the people said to me: Now, I love the people told me that these little sweet, just remember to wear new shoes to play my feet, worn leather, he would buy Band-Aid to help me paste; I accidentally rolled down the stairs, he will distressed to death, he kept throwing blame themselves did not go to waste, and even now every time down the stairs, he would carefully protected me ... ... I love the people have said to me: To Stretching distant! 92. Love is like the shell on the beach - do not pick the biggest, and do not pick the most beautiful, to pick to pick their favorite, picked up the never to go to the beach ... ... - 93. Life is like a high-speed train, love the beautiful scenery as the road. We can enjoy it quietly sitting in the car, but can not jump off the car to go away. After all, the terminal is our final destination ~ - 95. wedding day you have to do with me, because we promised to walk together into the marriage hall ... ... - 96. Life is like a dance, dance the first person to teach you may not be able to accompany you come to finish ... ... - 97. boyfriend took the cancer report to board the train, he said: crying. . . - 98. graduation night, you said We made an appointment one allowed back, because we know that life is no turning back - that time of love, as we have each other! - 99. say from strangers ~ What is the End of the World End of the World? Turned back on you,Ralph Lauren Coats, now is End of the World ... ... - 100. the beginning of every love story is always bright flower, and at the end but always silent, such as soil ... ... - - Last words: life is colorful, these 100 signatures, how can one by one to do? - However, it would be the big world the most wonderful pain, pain, pain is also enjoyable, this is the life! - savored moved in the classic, perhaps you will suddenly realize that people in the horizon ... ... -
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