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Old 21-11-2011, 11:29 PM
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Please bring tissue paper came friends, this is a realistic person's story, if you do not flow of tears long time, this story can help you to tears water squeezed out. Do not believe you You can look at ----- This is the Chinese people's affection the paste, just to let everyone see that China's family is more What a great ah, we spend a little time, patience to read, to ensure you will not regret it. feel moved, please read the top bit, do not let it sink. let more Chinese people can see her, 1998 年 8 24, a special catch Mourning Jiaxiang County in Shandong Province held later in the village. dead Shenchun Ling is a girl as young as 16 years old, but she enjoyed the village funeral highest specifications, and her three a brother put on a funeral for parents to wear the clothes of filial piety. in the coffin before Changgui can not afford, young and old spontaneously village wear black armbands cried to see her off ---- however Does anyone know the girl who died young and his the family does not have any real blood relations Department, she is not a company account, following the female; in stepfather paralysis, pro mother away from home after she bravely stayed, with weak shoulders to hold up the four universities Health and brother! 1994 in June, the mother lost her husband Chun-Ling Shen Chunling siblings with a set from Shandong Fan Zelong week after the county came to Jia-xiang Shen Zhuang. Chun-Ling Shen Shuping stepfather was a carpenter, and his loyal honest. 70-year-old stepfather on the old couple, the next four are studying son. One son, Shen Jian-guo study in Xi'an Jiaotong University, the other three sons in the county high school. Despite the heavy family burden, but the stepfather has a superb woodworking skills, coupled with the family thrift, to live better than some worse than others. For the arrival of three Chunling mother, stepfather family have shown great enthusiasm. Perhaps because the girl's sake no family, grandfather, grandmother, stepfather are all small Chunling love with Canada, his brother who is affectionately called her Linda pan. Small Chunling to the stepfather's house, had been school age, but because his father died, she can only out of school at home. After the stepfather know that apart from anything else, take the money to her on the school. The family already has four children to school, plus a small Chunling,Monster Energy Clothing, stepfather added to the shoulders of a burden. Fortunately stepfather diligent, slack time, often with the construction of the town's architectural team to go out make some extra money, finally able to deal with the family expenses. small Chunling value this hard-won opportunity to go to school the first semester grades on the exam, a full third. In addition to learning, she also packs under some housework, have a spare, to help wash the dirty clothes and a few brothers, stepfather to help lift the wood, saw, stepfather everyone that boast: I am lucky in this life, a good daughter fell from the sky ! However, time is fleeting happiness, a Henghuo heaven. 1995 outside the summer, stepfather in a construction team from the third floor and fell down, paralyzed in bed. A beam fell, the family source of income cut off, but also to the stepfather to carry a heavy debt treatment. Sick in bed watching paralyzed father, brother Shen Jianjun first proposed dropping out of school, his father strongly disagreed, because soon he and the youngest college entrance examination, and his achievements in the school among the best. Youngest, fourth eldest also called drop-out, good to stir up the family. is to prevent competition between brothers, stepfathers dilemma when raised by their own small Chunling but dropped out to help his mother support the family since. Stepfather in tears, grandfather, grandmother also kept Ma Lei. Painful stepfather said: Linger, father apologies to you, your brother read a few books for so many years, now abandoned pity, only wronged you --- three brothers also firmly grip live young girl's hand, and the bed in his father shared a promise: no matter who is admitted to the university after the young girl to repay the kindness to double. be just out of the suffering mother of Chun-ling once again bearing the disaster could not blow. Doctors say that the she, her husband is likely paralyzed for life in bed, she completely lost faith in the family, more fear provoking pair of the heavy burden of their own, decided to take children away from home. Ren Chunling how to cry, how to discourage the mother or stepfather three months after the injury crisis left the house. Mother is gone, the family has broken the backbone of a grandfather, grandmother all day Ma Lei, stepfather sighed, his brother is afraid of fear in the hearts unrest. Lei Yu swirling into a home in another. Ye Hao village people carefully comfort Chunling: I can not go, my wife has gone I can not leave this house. will not go, I want to stay with you tide over the crisis, starting today, I'm your daughter. [amount to anything as long as the brothers, that is, young girl promising a] small Chunling said to do, she swept all the family farm work and housework, and the real housewives, like sunrise and sunset for the whole family to live a day of careful planning. Small Chunling know that this house in order to get better, first of all make better stepfather, so apart from the busy farm work, she has not stopped the stepfather treatment. 1996 年 summer, hot weather, stepfather of sicker, smaller Chunling decided to take him to the Jining City hospital. Settled things at home, she pulled dray road. More than 80 km away her go a full two days one night, went to the destination, her feet frayed, Lao Gao shoulder is swollen. In order to save the hospital accommodation, Chun-ling in the hospital of the bicycle shed, the old man to see the car that she was blind beggar, she thrust out a few times. small Chunling had to tell the truth, the old man was deeply moved, not only to sleep with her on the inside of the dray is also dedicated to her to find a bed net. meticulous care in the Chun-ling, the stepfather's condition was stable, she pulled stepfather walked back to his hometown. Just go home and catch up with the wheat harvest. Brothers are in school, grandparents can only be helped to do cooking or bundles of wheat, 7 acres of wheat and more * Chunling only one person. To rush in the harvest, a good sleep for days in the ground, too tired to really weak to continue, to lie on the wheat stamp on sleep for a while, then wake up again after the cut. as anxious, over-exertion coupled with the small Chunling from the blisters of the mouth, hands and feet until it has blood. She really some weak to continue, can the remaining two acres of wheat how to do? These are the family's rations ah! She could not help but anxious tears up the ground in wheat, crying attracted the villagers, and everyone on her endless compassion, divvying help her Gewan the wheat. The hard wheat, the grain in exchange for the family, brother in the entrance also made a huge harvest, his outstanding achievements by Shanghai Tongji University admission. Hands of the brother of the admission notice, small Chunling seems to have forgotten their own tired, happy dancing, shouting. The young girl looked dark and thin, get the job of the third brother Shen Jianwen not help shed tears of sorrow, remorse and said: I'm sorry sister, she suffered so much for our suffering, but I was ---- Then tears. small Chunling panic, pulled third brother's hand, advised: He said they did not repeat, and stay at home to help her sister. Chun-ling persisted in his refusal, she cried and asked the third brother: I do not suffer involvement is to make you a good school? Brothers amount to anything, that is, I amount to anything, and how do you not understand it! A third brother finally persuaded to listen to her sister, also decided to repeat, brother to go to Shanghai to study drawing near. 3,000 of tuition and fees the weight of the whole family breathe. helpless on the occasion, small Chunling thought of selling blood. For the first time to blood bank, because of age is too small, doctors do not give pumping; second time, and she was allowed false age 200CC blood pumping. When she got 400 yuan, She knows that this 400 dollars for 3,000 of the tuition is not only a drop in the bucket. So, once again the third day she came to blood banks. This time, the doctor said nothing to the draw. Panic, small Chunling kneel to doctors about the reasons for selling blood. Doctors silence, only sighed and said: Well, just this once, can stop coming after; you a small body is a long time. The kindly doctor symbolically gave her a small amount of blood pumping, and from their own pocket money, collected 700 dollars to a small Chunling. Small Chunling moved straight to tears. home, Chunling shown with the money to the stepfather, stepfather hurriedly asked her where he comes from so much money. Small Chunling lie and say that is borrowed. Careful brother but never her pale face was no trace of color to understand everything. He grabbed the hand of young girl looked and looked, and from her blood-selling pocket dig the two receipts, the whole family was shocked! However, paying the money is not enough of these half tuition, stepfather decided to sell an old house foundation, grandparents have decided they are ready to fight life's three big poplar coffin sold. Stepfather do not agree, the two old bent, said: Qi. To make a decent brother Shen Jianjun body surface to go to college, small Chunling not rest for several nights, to brother sewing a new quilt and new shoes. Before prison, Chun-ling brother sent to the station, she said: Although the letter to the family that I make arrangements for you. [You can forget me, but you can not forget your sister] brothers go to school, start a small Chunling stepfather wondering how to make money for treatment, payment for the coming year for the brothers tuition fees. At first, she thought with the village girls who work outside the home may be no one to take care of three elderly people, she could only think of a way home. Wrestling, she decided to cotton to the rich. Cotton and other crops not the same species, and the management is not only cumbersome but also very dangerous pesticide spraying may be small Chunling but in thought to myself about a year down the cotton can be revenue **** thousand dollars, do not hesitate to start busy up. Her ambitious planting of cotton, but soon, all the Southwest region of the cotton bollworm attack suffered. This can be very anxious small Chun-ling, she did not hurry her high cotton carrying more than 20 kilograms of the drug barrels of heavy spraying of pesticides in cotton fields. she heard people say, the hottest time of noon, the most effective insecticides. She picked the strongest midday sun when the fight drugs, the hot sun tan cotton fields like a big steamer, that she often can not breathe, she had to spray a line on the out breath of fresh air. Day at noon, due to drug barrels leaking, she fainted in the feather fan, was found in the village were sent back. Wake up, despite her stepfather discouraged, but struggled to return the heart of Pakistan Pakistan Cotton ---- liver finally made the bitter harvest of cotton in exchange, can be too low because the then purchase price of cotton, small Chunling still not able to to her plan to save money. She smart move from the brain, what money she would do. slack, she and others received with bud, willow, but also to sell off a straw hat, soybeans. Later, she heard people say that Apple Surabaya cheap, she followed the village's fruit stall uncle to Surabaya. Day after dinner row of cars pulled to the road, when dawn arrived apple, loaded on the train back in time. A row of cars pulling young men, she also pulled a ground row of cars. On the road, others eat apples quench their thirst, but she can not bear to eat one, even rotten point also left to the stepfather, grandfather, grandmother to eat, Mahone Shen Jianhua see only a 14-year-old sister so hard, really sorry hearts . He decided to drop out to join the army, leaving to help his sister. very small Chunling support his brother, secretly consoled her brother: > stand up to repeated small Chunling persuasion, stepfather finally agreed. Mahone to force the day, pulled out a small Chunling pocket change for a lot of wrinkled hands stuffed into his brother: After you do it, for when an officer came back. 1997 Chinese New Year, is a small Chunling the happiest New Year. In addition to Mahone in the army, the three brothers are all back, three brothers and sister are prepared for the New Year's gift. Big Brother is set to bring her new clothes, gave her brother a red scarf, and even the third brother also bought her a box of beauty cream. Small gift from the back room holding Chunling went outbuildings, could not help jumping smile, then resumed her child's nature, so lively. joy of small Chunling look visibly moved the whole family, stepfather of his face broadened into a smile. He called his sons to bed, said: br> We love you forever ─ ─ ─ ─ affection sister busy farm work, the Chunling stepfather always forget to treatment, a promising, even if a high mountain way away, she went with a stepfather. Heaven pays off, stepfather of the disease has been greatly improved, and sometimes you can even move on crutches. Brothers is academic success. Big Brother Shen Jian-guo after completing undergraduate studies passed the Master. Mahone Shen Jianhua in the armed forces into the party, and was promoted to squad leader. 1997 September-San Shen Jianwen successfully pass the college entrance examination, is a medical college in Shandong. 1998 March grandmother suddenly seriously ill, dying before the old man's hand firmly grasp the small Chunling hard to say: Yeah! Grandpa said: Linger, this is my grandmother had to leave you long daughter, and grandmother to be, this gives you the best bracelet, you wish it to meet a grandmother! Chunling tearfully took the bracelet, the old man closed his eyes peacefully. grandmother died, Mahone letter, saying that he originally intended to test military, can know my grandmother died, the family has spent lot of money, he decided to give up. Chunling read the letter, anxious, she immediately find someone to persuade his brother to the letter, and sent the 200 dollars, so my brother to buy learning materials. She said: It turned out that his mother left home when he secretly opened a fake divorce certificate, and later went to Pingyang, find the owner of a food processing do husband, life still can. Her daughter from the others say that the sufferings of the past few years, was filled with guilt. Letter to her mother wanted her daughter to follow her over Pingyang, also promised to find a good husband small Chunling. Reading her mother's letter, Chun-ling eyes filled with tears, her mother's relentless hate, but that, after all, their own biological mother ah! She threw herself into her mother's arms think good to cry, more like his mother had a normal girl and carefree life. How can she give up the house, the house, although poor, but are really in pain and her family love her ah! good to see her stepfather worry noted, advised her: ah! , rejected the mother's request. her, as always, the family manage with. In order to raise money to buy more than Mahone learning materials, one day in August 1998, another small Chunling thought of selling blood. In her repeated requests, the doctor once a 300CC her blood pumping, had poor health, malnutrition, she is now weaker. Her strong cheer to the post office to send money. did not expect to cross the road when a trance, she was a big truck loaded with steel bars hanging down, a heavy wheel ran over ---- from her the bad news came, my grandfather to withstand the blow, sick in bed, step-father fainted four times in the past. -San Shen Jianwen the first to know news arrived home, he threw himself at his sister's body before the cry fainted. After receiving the telegram brother Shen Jianjun, on the train for two days without food or drink, stood crying back home from Shanghai. far in Xi'an graduate of Big Brother Shen Jian-guo heard the news with tears, he can not spare an empty home funerals, tears for the young girl sent a message of condolence: family sister, your mother, like mind to stir up with a heavy home; beloved sister, your fragile shoulders propped up with a hope, we will always love you little sister ____ family. Guilin Army Academy just received the admission notice Shen Jianhua sister also received the sad news, he fainted on the training ground. He hurried back to his hometown. according to local customs, minors can not be held after the death of not only the funeral, even the ancestors of the small Chunling stepfather home to four years, in addition to a change of surname, even the newspaper account did not have time, so she can not be considered the village people. To the village elders were deeply by this Old people said with tears: such a good girl, do not let her die aggrieved of. have interviewed Shenchun Ling Liu writer in Shandong Province is also to attend the funeral, and she wrote a funeral oration: you, like a mountain stream a wild flower, you, but also touch the horizon clouds, quietly came, and quietly left. weak shoulders to take up filled with deep feeling, young hearts hold a full house, the young years, this should be picturesque, such as silk thread, but your face is filled with too many hard and heavy, a home is no blood, some vigorous interpretation of the truth; you a little, though not shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ, letting many of the world people that can be emotional. you go, go so light, so light, light like that cloud the horizon ---- you leave the situation is so heavy, so heavy, heavy as the mountains of Tai Shan - - girls did not have their own cosmetics, perhaps never seen in her life did not touch too! But is that she is the most beautiful girl. Needless to say, you are definitely wet eyes, ready for this beautiful little girl in heaven over have to pray for the happiness of friends on please paste it back to a,. the post from the top, so that more and more people to see this moving story !! ?
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