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Old 02-12-2011, 3:16 AM
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I want to have children

I want to have children, really, I really want to have children, not kidding! I've always liked kids, but not simply because I like it so strongly want to have! fly three months, has just begun,Paul Smith Travel Bags, my favorite is the duty hours, as can be arranged to escape the duty crew chief means of monitoring, you can clean a lot of ears, as they like in the rest twitter time go on, I'm tired of discussing the topic, which the country in which to buy cheap cosmetics, her husband is doing what, how sweet love .... in my opinion, is the rest of the time they are endless a good opportunity to show off ... but then I also like to participate, but not the life I am interested in the kind of vanity, but I found a very serious problem! crew, among them, many people that her husband loved being a happy life, but on children, but often fails ...... because what is it? Is the inevitable problems caused by the job, life is not regular, working at height environment humidity on the plane close to the desert, the damage to the skin, this is not just a U.S. problem is not the United States, the skin is the body's first a protection system, so easy to understand why AIDS can easily destroy a person, why the large area burns are fatal, and contact with different people every day, of which there will be virus carriers is inevitable, the viewer is not Note that it is susceptible to being undermined defense system, all the rest has become fragile .... In addition, the high-altitude ultraviolet radiation, cosmic radiation intensity with altitude, geomagnetic latitude and the intensity of solar activity related to the higher altitude, radiation dose, the longer the flight, the dose increased, the higher the latitude, or increase ... and domestic flights 2.85-3.11mSv/1000h, international routes 12.22mSv/1000h, these data are far than a full-time X-ray detection in the hospital medical staff, not to mention the hazards of radiation, radiation does not encounter any cancer lesions! Then is the time difference, not a regular routine, staying up late one night harm = 22 cigarettes smoked, do not say anything else to insomnia have been bothering me for a long time, no appeal to the human body to a range of hazards, including standing on the plane would have gastroptosis dinner,Monster Beats Solo, cold ear of flight will lead to pressure, can cause serious ear congestion, then a serious punch ... is, however, worries me most is the MC does not normally , and the uterus will shift, the first month of flight, many of us have experienced the phenomenon of MC is not normal, although the latter have no problem, but it does happen. When I first heard about the flight will affect the MC, I have some doubt whether it was exaggerated, but at that time in my work-related injuries,Chemise Ralph Lauren, Hong girls to aviation medicine to help me leave, met with a female colleague, about 25 year-old age, wanted to hire a holiday treat, the results of aviation medicine not only opened her contempt for a few days, the female colleagues did not get under the plea agreement, desperate to quit and directly, she told Hong girl about what had happened, since the fly, she began to confusion, MC, and now she was married, and want to have children, but the physical problems that must be resolved first heard it was .... surprised, but then I pay attention to the crew after a long chat between,Monster Energy Hoodies, I confirmed the reliability of the ... \> \who said, when I expressed surprise when they actually have is do not care, because it is already well known fact that the company, if only one example, then you are nothing, but, the truth is not the case, the fact is tell me what form is very serious, very serious problem and find solution Pozaimeishao, after thinking it over, above, come to a conclusion: the urgent need of life! ha ha ~ ~ (last sentence just joking!) be serious, serious, I do not expect that one day he can do anything they want to become a strong woman, after all, a little distant from me, because in my opinion , strong woman of feeling in the world somehow incomplete, career and family is the cake and eat it, to master the balance is not so easy, but I had to choose the same, and most women are the same as I choose family, but do not hesitate ~ ~ SORRY2 ~ Mom, this is really not as you wish by ~ ~ ~ because the family would make me happier ... but the situation now .... now can understand why so flight attendants money, it is the for medical treatment,Sweats Ralph Lauren! Life-saving money! Scenery on I ~ ~ ~ forgot to say, although the common uterine displacement, but there are pregnant get on, but usually not on the Wye was the first child, some pregnant, or ectopic pregnancy ~ ~ ~ first-born are aborted! So see the crew chief of the children, I think they are lucky ~ ~ I want to have children, and is the first child to life, preferably a girl, because I am my mother's first child, my mother said that first-born child the health smart, strong vitality, but also to birth, caesarean section is not immune systems of children born with a good natural delivery, although mom natural labor pain, then pain, but to the child's health is worth it, but also with breast-feeding .... I want to have children, although I heard that the pain level there, is the most advanced, it makes me afraid, but I still want to have children ..... I would like to children, although I heard breastfeeding makes breasts go type, but I still want to have children ..... I want to have children, although I have to go see the body type of the mothers, but I still want to children ..... I want to have children, although I would also like to see a baby, he (she) is responsible for everything, but I am willing to take, I want to have .... I finally Why prefer to understand why Anita Mui hysterectomy do not hardcore, because she wanted to have children, there is no woman had a baby, is not complete you certainly want to ask how I had it, nothing, only the proliferation of the maternal ... unfinished, continued ... child his father, where are you waiting for me?
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