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Old 08-01-2012, 5:41 AM
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Let your baby way from small self-confidence 28

Let your baby way from small self-confidence 28 As a parent, of course, want their baby grew very confident, but confidence is not born. The following is to build confidence in the baby's 28 method, you may wish to try.1 seriously baby's requirements. When he was on the phone made with great expectations: He was not being taken seriously and lose confidence.2 weekend trips with the baby, asked for his opinions, but do not ask give him the range of choice, let him make a choice, will add confidence in ourselves.3 baby just learning to talk, you teach him the Do not laugh at him, nor was deliberately emphasized, another time to teach him. Language learning in the baby stage, you make him laugh at the loss of confidence and interest in language learning.4 baby questions, listening attentively, if you can not answer, tell him. Let him know that any person has failed to do, to dispel his fear of other people's psychological, thereby increasing self-confidence.5 to discuss the tone of your baby with the best of its ability to do things, such as The best way to the heart.6 Let your baby at home in the most eye-catching wall post his graffiti; in the cupboard for the baby to be a display rack, display his small production. Honor the most to stimulate the child's self-confidence.7 to give the baby a room, without conditions, to give him part of the room, let him have a free play, unfettered small world. Because they have their own 8 Do not always because the child in the room or on the desktop a mess blame the baby, but to teach his own clean up scattered toys, and do with him. Baby Mama is to develop self-confidence and tolerance of the soil.9 not the baby, said: Always take more than his children and he is quite strong, can defeat the best children's self-confidence.10 take the baby to the supermarket, the payment to be handed his hands and let him to the cashier. He also would not afterwards, but at least let him know that money can buy things. Gradually let the children master the pocket money, so he headed, would increase the confidence of his life.11 to buy baby clothes, let the children choose their own colors and styles. Perhaps he chose the color you do not like it, but do not deny his vision. The child's views are respected his confident start.12 and children watching his favorite cartoon, and his discussion of favorite characters and lines, expressed interest in his point of view. Coexistence and interaction are equal to his self-confidence of the ladder.13 Let your baby small independent cleaning their socks, a small handkerchief, even wash clean. The child's self-confidence from every little thing you recognized him. 14 When the baby show Beishi, storytelling and singing, when he beat time to, that should be and. He dared to exercise calm stage performances, is the exercise of his self-confidence.15 Let your baby close to strange children, and actively encouraged him to people of all ages and free association. In fact, his social skills training is to develop his self-confidence.16 Help your baby develop a detailed plan, and reminded him perform. Such as practicing to help the baby develop plans to develop plans in consultation with his time. Execution reminded him, Work with confidence, life can be full of confidence.17 baby play cola bottles,Vestes Northface Pas Cher, shoe boxes and other waste, do not arbitrarily stop him. Children like to explore his interest in things, you stop his interest, will dampen the confidence of his exploration.18 children have difficulty in the fight puzzle to encourage children to think of ways to resolve these difficulties. Can not think of way, you can side pointing. Let him self-confidence to overcome difficulties multiply.19 and the children get along, we often find commendable specific reasons, to encourage him to use the language of praise, but do not hollow praise the child. Can say: 20. Originally did not want to take him to McDonald's, but casually promised him, promised not to be realized. Your promises to let him lose confidence, you lose trust in you.21 Help your baby to play the positive aspects of personality, so he became a personality. Baby is impatient, his work rate on exercise; is chronic, the exercise of his reason. Forced him to change his mettle will make you lose confidence in him, makes him lose confidence.22 to teach a child, he recognized his own appearance. Told him that although he was not such as big eyes, small eyes, but as long as God is very nice. Many self-confidence often stems from their appearance is not recognized.23 books and materials provided to the child support he did his dream to do. Children to recognize their talents and abilities, he would be more confident.24 try to make the baby out in life depends. Kindergarten on time, so that alarm clock to wake him for not calling her mother over and over again. Children to live independently without relying on the situation in full of confidence.25 small baby learn to make a sightseeing tour. When traveling with a baby more than him about the encounter animals, plants, geography, story and other kinds of knowledge. Informed to confidence doubled.26 no fault of the child abuse to punish. Abuse not only against the child's self-confidence, but also the children are rebellious.27 baby setbacks, with the ease of tone analysis of this experience with him, next time do not have the same error. Re-summon his self-confidence is particularly important.28 parents to follow reasonable standards of conduct, do respectable people. Parents are not respected in society, the most damage the child's self-confidence.
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