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Old 15-01-2012, 8:50 AM
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Captured the hearts of ten million men cooking, Ms

tomato mushroom practice: 1, a small pot heat oil, add two tablespoons of tomato sauce, a small fire, stir fry, add vinegar, sugar , the amount of water, a little soy sauce, hook into the thin gravy, stir constantly 2, into the fried mushrooms, stir evenly, when added to chicken soup thick, sesame oil, pan This approach, coupled with the point of hot bean paste, it becomes a fish smell the II: cold soft tofu an inverted box soft tofu buckle into the deep tray ~ prepare sauce: 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tsp sugar, 1 teaspoon chili oil, 1 tsp sesame oil, (pepper powder can be saved), a teaspoon of vinegar, a little mixing uniform. Another blow to prepare 1 tablespoon peeled and pressed into crushed peanuts, coriander, green onion, minced garlic free. All the ingredients into the prepared sauce and soft tofu dish and mix well. three: small beans stew ingredients: pork elbow after the meat, potatoes, beans practice: 1, sizing the meat first, the elbow Wash meat, cut two centimeters square blocks, into the pot, add salt, chicken, pepper, soy sauce, about one-fifth of the water, even with the clutch, preserved 30 minutes, adding a whole egg, even after the catch, continue to marinate for 15 minutes, adding the right amount of starch, grasping uniform, and then add a little oil, grasping uniform,Vetement Ralph Lauren, the sealed plastic wrap, the fridge cold 2 potatoes cut hob, beans Wash stalks, break it into small pieces 3, slightly more oil into the pot, pan, then followed by adding potatoes, beans, remove the oil 4, the pot stay in base oil, under a good deal of meat, slip loose, broken health after the fish 5, another pot, add a little oil, saute Cong Jiangsuan, star anise, add the meat , cooking wine, stir fry for a while, add enough water, turn the fire to boil simmer for about 15 minutes, add potatoes and beans and continue to stew cooked 6, Sprinkle the salt, vinegar, soy sauce , chicken, sesame oil, coriander, pan Four: acid beans fried minced meat ≮ food ingredients ≯ acid beans 250 grams of pork (fat and lean female 200 g), garlic 10 grams, the end of 2 g pepper, lard, salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, the right amount. ≮ food practices ≯ 1, acid wash beans, soak with warm water a little while, remove and cut into 0.5 cm pieces; pork cut into minced meat aside. 2,Juicy Couture Purses, Wok stir, first under the Guochao dry beans acid water pot. Heat up lard pot, pour minced meat, fry a little salt, then add the acid co-fried beans, then put the garlic, pepper at the end, stir-fry sauce, add 50 grams of water cook, income dried soup, MSG can pot. ≮ ≯ cuisine features a rich choice of materials, color bright red. Crisp the delicious spicy sweet and salty fresh, aromatic Five: stuffed green peppers ≮ food ingredients ≯ tender horns 24 green peppers, pork tenderloin 100 grams. pig fat fat meat, 25 grams, 50 grams shrimp paste. Salt 1 g, 1.5 grams of MSG, soy sauce 10 grams of vinegar, 10 grams, Shao liquor 10 grams, sugar 10, 1 egg white. Onion last 5 grams of ginger water 10 grams of dry starch 25 grams, wet starch 5 grams, 10 grams of sesame oil, lard 40 grams. ≮ food practices ≯ 1, selection of 7 cm long green peppers 24, through the open with scissors to make the child, within pepper sprinkle dry starch. [Food China] 2, the loin, fat fat, shrimp chop mud, water, egg white, salt, MSG, ginger water, light blue at the end with the clutch to pull its weight, mixed with wet starch, plus sesame oil 5 g mix, divided into 24 parts, stuffed green peppers, smooth. 3, wok set a small fire heat, burn lard under the hot room three percent (about 66 ℃) when the wok fried green pepper, boil for a short desert out more oil, cooked into the rice wine, soy sauce , sugar, vinegar, rotate pan, topped with sesame oil 5 grams aligned into the disk can be ≮ ≯ cuisine features a complete shape, slightly sweet, sweet and salty taste buds six: minced radish materials: minced garlic and dried red pepper radish dried basil salt and soy sauce practice: 1 radish Dry with warm water till soft, about a quarter of an hour like, cut into small reserve; dried basil hair with warm water; red peppers cut into Ding; 2 wok put the oil quickly stir into the minced meat (cold wok oil Pork non-stick), then add red peppers, garlic, basil stir fry out the flavor before adding radish, stir fry about 2-3 minutes, half-way to the water slightly, and finally add soy sauce, salt and seasoning, stir well that can. Seven: Mushroom Tofu Ingredients: Tofu loofah Boletus garlic steamed fish soy oil, salt and oil approach: tofu, cut loofah swing plate, sprinkle with minced garlic, salt, porcini mushrooms along with oil and pour over the tofu, steamed fish and finally doused with soy sauce, the pot and steam for 15 minutes can be friends. I mainly sent out to the oil boletus, Boletus can not so steamed, you can put some scallops or what XO sauce, steamed in garlic oil are also not good to eat. ps: the practice of garlic oil: more of the garlic in a small bowl, not too garlic oil, then add the right amount of salt, chicken, soy sauce and mix thoroughly, put in the microwave bite one minute, remove the stir on the line, with to steam loofah, steamed tofu, steamed fish, very tasty. eight: Shrimp Sauce Ingredients: shrimp, bean paste, onions practice : shrimp to be cut and sharp mouth, pick to shrimp line, wash stand; Heat oil add bean paste pot, saute onion and stir-fry the shrimp thrown to, stir-fried and then stir-fry, to avoid the paste pot can be slightly add water, simmer one minute to the pan. nine: cold eggplant material: two long eggplant garlic salt and a few parsley, vinegar, oil , chicken practices: Wash eggplant and let cool steamed whole root tear strip; parsley washed off; finally put all the materials are mixed can be mixed together. ps: steamed eggplant when the bamboo mat to avoid too much steam out of the eggplant with water! ten: Braised melon materials: soy sauce, ginger melon practice: melon peel to the flesh cut into 1cm square pieces back, ginger; the pot with a little more than a little bit of cooking oil Heat the ginger fried after throwing incense into the melon pieces stir fry one minute after the fire to medium full-fry 2 minutes, slightly water, salt, chicken, soy sauce and then simmer until melon Sulan small fire can be. XI: steamed sea bass material : bass onion salt, ginger steamed fish Soy practice: 1 perch clean Hou Jiashao wine, a pinch of salt, onion, ginger marinated for 15 minutes, followed clean, over and over again smell; 2 the bass from the rear into a butterfly-shaped cut, cut back from the shop in the back plate, and ginger on the bunk in the fish wire, boiling water for 5-6 minutes off on Steam heat simmer 2 minutes drained the soup plate, pour soy sauce steamed fish, sprinkle with green onion, and finally doused with hot oil Jiuhaola Although the cut is not very good, but can shorten the time of steamed fish, heat evenly, not the old fish. twelve: Garlic Kale materials: broccoli garlic sauce practice: Kale remove the old leaves, torn the old bars, washed and boiled water Wobble; pot oil pan Gaixiao fire, thrown into the minced garlic and 2 tablespoons soy sauce after the fire. the sauce over the broccoli above the OK ten three: cold wire yuba materials: A: dried bean cucumber wire B: garlic salt, vinegar, sesame oil chicken onion practice: silk yuba with hot water after opening too cold, dry control water reserve; cucumber strips, mix all the materials are mixed like. is soy silk yuba, yuba taste and is somewhat similar, but the approach is more simple and good to eat XIV: Fried Boletus materials: Boletus red pepper broccoli garlic salt pole approach: 1 boletus dry before taking a dip in a few hours, washed sand, and then cook for 15 minutes to wash remove and control dry water; broccoli broccoli rod is done the day before yesterday, when the rest of the bar, throw a pity, left, cut into pieces torn off the old bars on the line, garlic slices, diced red peppers. 2 Heat the oil pan after throwing incense into the red peppers garlic stir broccoli stir fry bar, and then the boletus, continue to stir fry about 3 minutes, seasoning, pan. ps: fried dried porcini mushrooms in ten minutes before you try to cook on, must not add onions, easy to poisoning; fresh porcini mushrooms in a pot of time must not be less than 3 minutes, can not eat fried paste of Boletus ; in order to maintain the taste of fresh porcini mushrooms, you can pre-fry the oil after dehydration. fifth: braised chicken materials: sugar, ginger chicken 3 tablespoons sesame oil 2 tablespoons soy sauce 5 small red peppers practice: chicken pieces, add the right amount of sesame oil pan and pour into chicken stir fry 2 minutes until chicken thighs do not see color, then add sugar, soy sauce, continue to stir fry the ginger evenly Gaixiao fire, small fire pepper the chicken on the top section, simmer 10 minutes, and finally stir the pan Jiuhaola! XVI: loofah soup fans Material: ginger shrimp jen fans loofah practice: 1. fans soak well in advance, after Peel gourd pieces, shrimp, peeled shrimp line to spare; 2 pot Riga amount of water to a boil, add ginger, cook for one minute, then the fans, gourd, shrimp were all back into the boil, seasoning with salt, and finally Drizzle sesame oil like Seventeen: Lachao sweet potato seedlings materials: sweet potato seedlings and tender tip of the red pepper garlic salt chicken lard practice: 1 sweet potato seedlings with leaves, washed, minced garlic, red pepper chopped (husband not too spicy, so pepper cut in relatively large, so he did not care to eat) 2 pepper saute pan under the oil pan under the minced garlic and then finally into the sweet potato stir fry, seasoning, the the pot. sweet potato seedling leaves taste good son, a little Ruannuo feeling. eighth: bone seaweed tofu soup materials: bone seaweed tofu, onion salt practices: Wash after bone into the pot in cold water on the pot, boil write a floating foam, add onion, boil four hours put into the refrigerator one hour after the cold out, soup surface of the oil will be solidified, so that we can very easily have put the soup Piediao a; continue on the open fire, pour the washed seaweed simmer for 1 hour, then add soft tofu cook for 10 minutes, the last season with salt.'s a super soup calcium ten Nine: Volume Bacon Mushroom Material: Mushroom Bacon Shallot Thai sweet chili sauce practice: the bacon to clean the mushroom, onion segment volume up, there are toothpicks fixed, placed in the brush on the oil pan; Preheat oven 200 °, will be involved in doing the bacon oven bake for 15 minutes, turn the middle 1,2 times put out baked dish, with sweet chili sauce with the table, dipping sauce, very tasty Twenty: fried rice cakes Material: Korean chili sauce of onions, mushrooms, rice cakes of salt (if there is something to put some green pepper and cabbage are also fine , and I do not have, hehe) practices: 1. Article mushrooms onion cut into small cakes of cutting back; 2. pot Heat oil in saute mushrooms and onions and pour into a bowl of boiling water into the open 3. and so the pot of water boil rice cakes (the pot of soup is not too cake of a) not stir so as not to stick pan 4. When the soup is thick add Korean chili sauce, salt and seasoning, stirring slowly, until the sauce is thick you can. 21: salted fish steamed potatoes materials: 100g potatoes 500g salted onion ginger practice: 1. Peel and cut potatoes into 0.5cm thick slices, salted fish cut into small pieces, mince the onion, ginger spare; 2. to cut potato chips in the bowl a good code, salted fish shop on potato chips, add the ginger films, topped with some oil, about 20 minutes on Steam; 3. steamed potatoes cooked, remove to, potatoes and salt fish with chopsticks to mix, along with soup plate, sprinkle with chives at the end can. 22: Pepper fried chicken thigh meat boneless chicken thighs cut into small, salt, soy sauce, chicken, ginger, salt starch system for 10 minutes; Pepper cut; garlic slices. Heat the oil pan under the chicken thigh meat after the causal filled out, stay in base oil, the next count garlic, bell peppers stir fry, seasoned with salt, Then fry the chicken thighs into the pan stir evenly. 23: parsley, carrot, bacon parsley, a half a bacon one (you can pre-steam for 15 minutes , a good cut.) practice: parsley to the roots, leaves off more memory; carrots cut thin strips, and the general thickness of celery; bacon slices; garlic slices. Heat the oil pan and pour into garlic, stir together bacon, bacon out of the oil so that the final carrot into thin strips, stir slightly after the water simmered 1 minute; into celery stir fry until celery color, add a pinch of salt seasoning, bacon would be a little more salt, less salt, and finally throwing celery leaves, stir pan can be. 24: Fried mushrooms 1 . fungus bubble hair washed and cut into small bar after, shredded cucumber, onion, garlic spare; 2. and then is fried, and pan add a little oil, throw point of minced garlic, stir and pour incense into the mushrooms, stir fry, after salt, chicken seasoning, and finally into the cucumber, spring onion stir fry a few can pan, and if coupled with my favorite chop pepper, the taste was better. 25: wakame soup materials: wakame salt white pepper tofu mushroom soup practice: seaweed (not kelp ah) bubble After the clean cut section of hair back; mushrooms, cleaned a little tear into small pieces; box tofu cut into the box; Guo Lifang Heat the oil a little bit after the point of throwing into the broth then burn incense Scallions open; all the materials are thrown into the pot open, the heat and simmer for 2 minutes, seasoning with salt, sprinkle a small amount of white pepper, pan can be. two XVI: Lily steamed pumpkin a small pumpkin, peeled from a third to cut the pumpkin into a two and a half, to the flesh, the third of the two large flap and maintain a large pumpkin pumpkin cut into shapes, then mouth up in a large bowl, be sure to keep the pumpkin semi-circular; fresh lily washed, cut into small pieces and the other one-third filled with lily three two-thirds of the pumpkin,Chaussures Dior Pas Cher, the on Steam for 15-20 minutes, deducted, and then doused with sweet-scented osmanthus sugar or honey on it twenty-seven: sugar snap peas chicken thigh meat sugar snap peas to the tendons clean, red pepper cut diamond; boneless chicken into strips, add a little salt, soy sauce, starch grasp uniform; wok oil, slide cooked chicken thigh meat, Sheng out of standby; the pot to stay little base oil,Ceintures Burberry Pas Cher, add a little water, boil and pour into sugar snap peas, red peppers, stir fry until the sugar snap peas seasoned with salt color, then slip into the thigh meat cooked, stir evenly pan. ps (fried sugar snap peas front of a small amount of water to make a good fry color out of the sugar snap peas,Ralph Lauren Coats, avoid burnt twenty-eight: steam tempeh bacon ingredients: bacon, tempeh approach: first, a little saute lobster sauce once, add a little chili powder, stir well, then tile in the dish, sprinkle with a little ginger; bacon, cleaned and cut into pieces above the shop in lobster sauce, lobster sauce, cover, Steam 40 to 60 minutes on the OK, one tastes very delicious. 29: chop pepper celery celery clean tear After the old oblique muscle, garlic spare, Duojiao amount; in fact, quite suitable for the summer to eat this dish, appetizer. next step is fried, and stir the pot fragrant garlic oil, the next Duojiao, then chopped celery, celery and stir fry until the color quickly after salt, chicken seasoning. I like chop pepper, do not eat every day, tired, eat Hong ..... 30: scallops scallops evergreen evergreen, good expensive scallops, almost 200 pound, bought confusedly; good cheap evergreen, 5 dollars to buy a a large bag, eat a year and left half of its evergreen color of dried green vegetables, and ornamental evergreen plants similar to the name. in February and March, when a large number of winter oilseed rape germination dishes budding, whichever is the top three four soft tip as raw material, into the boiling water soak 2-3 minutes, when the third of seven students when cooked, quickly picked up the heat, bamboo rope on the shelves, eight Jiucheng dry hair dry, then move to the sun dried in the sun because of its special processing, fresh vegetables in the vitamin C and minerals mostly unscathed, although it is dried, but still lose the taste. practice: 1. scallops, cleaned with a small amount of warm water, or even with water on the pot and steam for 10 minutes to spare 2. Evergreen hair washed with hot water clean and dry control water reserve 3. refueling burn pot heat, pour a little of the ginger garlic saute, stir fry scallops into the hair well, then stir into the evergreen, and finally a small amount of cooking into the steam (or hot) water scallops (very salty) seasoning, stir well to . PS: scallops is already very salty, so basically do not salt the thirty-one: weight of the mixed two-wire ingredients: potatoes 500 grams, kelp 150 grams, onions, garlic, salt, rice vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil amount ~ practice: to Piqie Si potatoes, cooked in boiling hot water into, out over cold water. Drain . kelp also cooked boiled out, too cold water, drain. shredded onion, garlic, peeled and pressed into the mud ~ more mixing of raw materials, the into friends ~! Pinggan blood pressure, blood fat, anti-cancer good DD ~ ~ ~ We eat Ha! ~ thirty-two: Spicy ribs method is very simple to use chilli, pepper, garlic tablets, a pinch of salt, oil,Vestes Spider Ski, incense and Lee Kum Kee sauce, wine, vinegar, sesame oil salt wash bloody ribs, marinate for 15 minutes put a little cornstarch pot steaming!
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