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Phones Mobile handset related discussion - Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Sharp, Siemens, Blackberry etc.

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Old 30-04-2006, 2:12 PM
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6600 Troubleshooting

Here are some info for Nokia 6600 which became famous in short time ..

1. If you have downloaded the MMS settings to the handset. Please ensure that the active profile is set to
"Vodafone MMS". You check the settings you have in the phone by going to Menu>Tools>Settings>Connection>Access Points.

To check the correct setting have been enabled go to Menu>Messaging>Options (left Soft-Key)>Settings>
Multimedia Message>Access point In use.
Ensure this is set to "Vodafone MMS".

2. The phone may need to update itself on the network, to improve its connections, and to realise the MMS service is available.
a) Turn off the handset, remove the SIM card, replace the battery and back cover, and turn on the phone WITHOUT the SIM card.
The phone will say "Insert Sim" on the screen once the Nokia loading screen has disappeared.
Then Turn off the handset, replace the SIM card and battery and turn back on as normal.
<This is called a "Soft reset" and will clear up and refresh the handset and also update the GPRS Signal>

b) On the phone, go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Network>Operator Selection> and select Manual.
The phone will say "Searching for approximately 30 seconds, then it will list the UK Network Operators.
Select a Different Network to Vodafone. (Any)
The phone will take itself off the Vodafone network and attempt to connect to the one selected ("Requesting")
Being on Vodafone, you will not be able to access the other networks using your vodafone SIM card, and the phone will say
"No Access!", this is correct. Then Select Vodafone from the list, and it will say "Requesting" and it will put you back onto the
network and return the phone to it's standby screen.
To finish: Menu>Tools>Settings>Network>Operator Selection> and select Automatic.
<This Is called a "Manual Roam" and it is the equivalent of creating a fresh connection to the network.
It will boost your connection strength and improve your call signal, message reception and sending>

3. Image size and network restriction limits.
The file size limit for a Multimedia Message was 30KB, or 30,000B (KB=Kilobytes and B=Bytes of data) for most Uk networks, but most have now moved up to 100kb in light of video messaging.
The 6600 has an advanced phone camera compared to many handsets currently on the market. The camera on the 6600 will take images at
higher resolutions and quality that will cause the images to be saved at file sizes exceeding the 30KB limit.
These higher settings are for display on the handset and to improve the view quality if they have been transferred to a PC directly.

a) Check that the image that you are trying to send is a size less than 30KB-100KB (Ask your Provider about their limit if you are unsure).
b) If you wish to change the settings to reduce the file size, go to Menu>Messaging>Options (left Soft-Key)>Settings>
Multimedia Message>Image Size> Set to "Small" (the difference will not be noticeable on most other phones), then go to Menu>
Camera>Options (left Soft-Key)>Settings> Set to "Basic" or "Normal", rather than "High".

Hope this helps.

more infos will be welcomed ...
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