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Old 20-12-2013, 10:56 AM
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the north face jassen lab cycle&quot

National "863 Program" secret police arrested sell stolen exit traitor ---- long urban 12 15, Wuhan police announced that one for the treatment of diabetes, is a world leader in the national "863" high-tech project compromised cracked the case, suspected of illegally providing state secrets overseas, Wang Ming XingJu. October 20, Huazhong University of Science and Technology to the police: its affiliated company developed a special agent for treating diabetes significant compromised. It is responsible for the development of the project, Professor the north face jassen Ma said the project was developed eight years, is a national "863 Program" of high-tech projects, and its technology is a world leader, the school has invested more than 20 million yuan in advance, such as the success of production, will benefit the millions patients. It is understood that the development of this long-pharmaceutical company by Wuhan Science and Technology Industry The North Face Soldes Group Co., Ltd., and the school is a common form, accounting for 50% of the shares of both, "Long Hua Technology" legal representative Wang chairman, Professor Ma's president. In mid-October, Prof. Ma returning after a business trip, find all technical data of the project staff were stolen copy Zhang also suspect that the technical data may be sold to overseas. The case immediately drew the central and provincial leaders Wuhan attention. It is reported that, in such cases is the first case in Wuhan. According to the investigation, on November 14 last year, Wang secretly in contact with a company outside of gold and 200 million purchase of 10% of sales to mention become conditions, the patent technology transfer. From August to September this year, the company ordered the workers Zhang Ming, Ding Mou, technical information stolen from Professor Ma computer, then, Wang has been to carry out illegal transactions abroad. During the review, and the National Science and Technology have signed a confidentiality agreement caught Wang fled. Police careful layout, the deliberate creation of the case, "the limelight has passed," the illusion. This month (December) 4, since that has escaped this fate of Wang returned to Wuhan, dinner at the hotel when someone was arrested. After the trial, Wang Yiyang City, Hunan province who is 39 years old this year. Task force has been identified, he betrayed the technology has been illegal profit 900,000 yuan. Lawyer Wang Aiguo 15th in an interview with reporters, said the case caused a key concern in Wuhan, in its nature in the end is economic disputes or suspected of crimes. He believes that the technology as a business secret, if it is available to the territory of other companies, it may constitute a violation of trade secrets to others; If the content will involve state secrets disclosed to outside agencies, may constitute the crime of illegally providing state secrets. Currently, the case is still under further investigation. ? ? Related Links: Approaching ? ? 15 years of high-tech for many Chinese people, just a vague concept of "863 Program", especially for ordinary people, "high tech" means invisible. Faraway America has announced the "Star Wars", the European launch of the "Eureka program," Japan formulated the "revitalization of the next 10 years of science and technology policy." ? ? 1986, the Wang Daheng, GC Wang, Yang Jia Chi and Chen Fangyun four old scientist sit still. March 3, in their joint letter to Deng Xiaoping, the proposed tracking the world's advanced level, the development of Chinese high-tech. Only two days time, Comrade Xiaoping personally instructed: this Yisu decision without delay. ? ? Soon, hundreds of scientists after extensive, comprehensive and rigorous scientific proof, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council approved the "high-tech Research and Development Program ? 863 plan ? outline." And by four scientists wrote Comrade Xiaoping instructions were in March 1986, it said, "863." 863 chose the seven areas of bio-tech, aerospace, information, laser, automation, energy and new materials as the focus of Chinese high-tech research and development, and in 1996 added the field of marine technology. ? ? sampling and analysis, according to experts, 15 years, the level of research and development with the world's advanced level of overall gap 863 key support high-tech field was significantly reduced, more than 60% of the technology from scratch, is now close to the international advanced level, and the other 25%, though still lagging behind the international advanced level, based on the original but also made great progress. ? ? because scientists view, 863 is undoubtedly one of the greatest scientific works republic. However, saying that "863" is a project, not only because of its magnificent, importantly, it broke through the Chinese scientific research The North Face Italia "lab cycle" of the cycle, the rapid realization of industrialization. March 1991, the fifth anniversary of implementation of the scheme on the occasion of 863, 863 Comrade Xiaoping wrote the brush to 10 characters: the development of high technology to achieve industrialization. Few years, the industry has become one of the most distinctive characteristics of 863. ? ? Data shows that 15 years ago, 863 shared the 2,000 patents at home and abroad, creating a total value of over 560 million new, indirect economic benefits of more than 2,000 yuan. 863 bred high-tech industry growing point, not only greatly promote the development of China's high technology and industry, but also for the development of traditional industries to provide high-tech support.
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