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happyall 24-02-2016 8:32 AM

Android Phone vs iPhone
Dear, all
I am going to buy a new phone and puzzled about whether to buy android phones or iPhone.
Can anyone of you tell me why you choose one and abandon another?
Thanks in advance.

markzuekarly 24-02-2016 10:21 AM

Android is a best option for you. If there is no problem of budget. I would recommend you to buy Samsung Galaxy E7. It is cost effective and good phone.

brookandrosy 28-03-2016 12:41 PM

It depends on what you exactly need from your device, cause iPhones and Android devices are very different. IOS is more stable but it restricts lots of things unless you jailbreak your device (which is illegal). Android is an open system, that’s why lots of people think it’s not that stable. But if you are an experienced user you shouldn’t be afraid of Androids – if you know what to install, you’ll never get problems.

Rosypeter 04-11-2016 10:26 AM

My suggestion is iPhone. iPhone is the best mobile forever.

lee 05-11-2016 7:28 AM

I've recently moved from using iPhones for the past years from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6 Plus.

I was awaiting the iPhone 7 and after reading the blogs and watching the Keynote from Apple and then getting hands on with it my opinion is that Apple have at the moment peaked with innovation and felt the iPhone 7 fell flat.

Now I'm using the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge and really liking it. Solid workmanship, excellent materials and the features on this is off the chart. I'm using Android Marshmallow.

iPhones in comparison are so much more restrictive and Without as many options and features.

asinus 14-11-2016 4:38 PM

One glaring difference between iOS and Android (it's all about the operating system as we are in fact talking about pocket computers that happen to be able to make phonecalls) is the way they handle files. iOS always attaches files to an application , in a boxed-in space reserved only for that app. Meaning you can't group files that belong together (for a project, say a handful of photos, some word documents, a few documents scanned as pdfs, a drawing) in one file folder - iOS does not really use file folders that are accessible to the user. It's exactly the same on iPads and iPhones (as opposed to Macs btw). You may have opened an image in the Photo app, but you will then not be able to find that file from another image manipulation app in, say, a 'photos' folder on the storage space in your iPhone - you don't have direct access to that storage, so you will need to send it from the Photos app to the other app, and that operation creates a second copy of the image in the 'box' of the other app. There are apps that try to get around this but they don't really manage that as you would on a normal computer. For the same reason it is a lot more difficult to 'just send' a file from an iPhone to a non-Apple computer or phone. So if you prefer to maintain control over your files, Apple is not for you. In any case you can get a perfectly good Droid that performs at least as well as the best iPhone for less money.
Then there is choice. There are hundreds of good android phones out there and you can pick one that has what you want most. You are crazy about photography, get one with a very good camera. Need to switch networks on the go, get one with twin SIM slots. Want to carry a load of data, find one that supports a huge amount of external storage on an SD card; want to pop that card in a computer-attached reader every day, get a phone with a card slot accessible without having to pop off the back. Crazy about music, get the one with the best music player. Et cetera. It takes a bit of time though to find the droid that is perfect for you amongst the many out there, while it's quite simple to just get an iPhone, as you have very little choice there.
Have fun searching. ;-)

kunalkumar 15-11-2016 6:33 AM

Compared to Android or Windows phones iPhones are bit expensive. No mobile can beat the hardware and software quality of iPhones. iPhone is a product of Apple and Apple's product is well recognized in market for their electronic gadgets. The user interface is awesome and easy to use. Security wise iPhones are very protected and they don't really need anti virus.

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