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sachinsachu 29-03-2016 6:17 AM

SuperPhone LeEco Le 1s honest review
Hello folks,

I wanted to share a review of my #Superphone LeEco Le 1s, so I waited for months before judging this phone. Here is my review after 3 months of usage.

1. Design
The phone has a metal body which feels great in hands. Also, it has thin bezels on the side which are almost non-existent. The phone has been well crafted and no other phone feels this premium at this price point.

2. Display
The first thing youíd notice after itís metal design is itís display. It has a 1080P screen, which is brilliant. The images are crisp with a high colour contrast and saturation. It feels great to consume media on the 1s.

3. Fingerprint Sensor
There is a fingerprint sensor on the back of the 1s, right above their branding. Itís accuracy is really good and itís placement is just perfect. The index finger naturally rests there no matter which hand you use it from and the device is automatically unlocked.

4. 4K Recording
One neat feature hidden is that the phone records 4K videos. It can be enabled by going into the camera settings while inside the camera. It is not the best 4K camera out there, but it gets the job done. Most of the phone cameras out there which record 4K cost about Rs. 50,000. Also, it is a clever addition to the phone because they sell 4K TVs in China on which these videos can be consumed. They intend to bring these TVs to India soon!

5. Fast Charging
The LeEco Le 1s has USB Type-C on itís bottom and has a 3,000mAh battery which is pretty average for everyday usage. They last half a day with heavy usage. So, the 1s comes with support for fast charging. Not just that, they have also included a fast charger in the box. Something that even some of the premium phones donít come with!

6. IR Blaster
On the top right on the phone, there is a small IR blaster and along with that, an app is included in the phone by default. This app can be used to control any device which has IR input like TVs, AC, etc. Also, they let you make your own remote with custom IR functions.

7. Dual SIM
LeEco 1s comes with dual SIM support, something that is common with most of the phones these days. They can be accessed using a SIM eject tool and has support for one Micro SIM and one Nano SIM. The best part of the dual SIM is that both the SIMs support 4K at the same time!

8. Price
The final reason to get and the biggest feature of LeEco 1s is itís price. It has an unbelievable price tag of Rs. 11,000.

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