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ngomaichi 21-07-2016 7:43 AM

Should I do a DIY repair on my iPhone 4?

As of right now as in currently I have a GSM only iPhone 5S with Verizon.

I have an older CDMA only iPhone 4 with Verizon. Now the iPhone 4 will not power on or anything. Yes, I do have an Apple charger. Yes, the charger works fine because it charged up my iPod Classic just fine. Should I do a DIY repair based on what I am going to explain what happended? At the time my iPhone 4 died and it needed a charge and that time I did not have a reliable charger. All I had was crappy chargers. I do not mean crappy chargers like cheap Amazon Apple chargers. I mean crappy chargers like chargers went bad and trying to charge a phone and on and off constantly making charging sounds and the next you know the phone will not do anything and no red battery indicator. It will not even give any sign to enter either DFU nor recovery.

I am the most horrible person doing repairs but I could maybe give a shot. I am not a handyman because I cannot even remove basic screws because I would be screwless.

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