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JudCasper 08-09-2016 3:54 PM

Old Bar Phones - Still work today?
My iPhone 4s is running so sluggishly now I'm preparing to get something else.

I'm kind of bored with the whole smartphone thing and am looking at getting an old candybar type device. I know they still make these today and can be had for as little as 10 from supermarkets, but I'm looking for something a little better and nicer in design. Most of these came from the 2008-2011 period and I'm wondering if they would still work today. All I want is the ability to make calls and send texts, but I would like to use the sim from my iphone as it has all my contacts etc. My iPhone is GSM.

I'm specifically interested in the small but chunky Ericsson range (W302, W810, k750i, C702, C902)

If I could find something being made today that looked as nice as these, I wouldn't be here asking this question, but they're all very slim these days and the ones with similar dimensions (about 10cm in length) have postage stamp sized screens.

asinus 14-11-2016 4:52 PM

We have used Ericsson K770i phones for years and they were quite good (we just retired one this week, it still works perfectly). The Ericsson Hazel had a slightly larger screen if I remember well. These are quite good for just making calls, and use fullsize SIM cards (if you have an adapter, the cut-out microSIM you now probably use will fit in the old phone). The K770i came with a 3MP camera, a decent enough music player and FM radio and things like a good alarm clock, LED flashlight, notebook for shopping lists etc., and good SMS messaging options. Bluetooth too, for handsfree car kit use, and it was able to act as a modem. So not 'smart' but not very dumb either. And small. If all you need to do is make the occasional phone call, searching for something like that may be a good idea.

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