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kunalkumar 04-11-2016 7:45 AM

How can I block someone from using my wifi
Hello to all,

I would like to know, How can I block someone from using my wifi ??

Tempo Traveller

lee 05-11-2016 6:30 AM

Is this on your phone or from your Home Broadband Wifi !

If the latter then change your password for Wifi logon.

If on the phone via a hotspot then change the password.

topapps4u 09-11-2016 8:22 AM

If you are using a phone so go to your mobile setting and then tap on set up wifi hotspot option and change your password.

kunalkumar 11-11-2016 11:47 AM

There is no way for a Wi-Fi access point to discern a phone from another wireless device since they all send identical signals.

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Ankush tiwari 17-11-2016 11:46 AM

Block People Who Are Using Your WiFi Network. This can be done by using the MAC Address to block a device permanently. Just log into your router configuration settings and look for "Manage Wireless Connection". Put the MAC address of the device you want to block, and then click it to include it on your block list.

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Leontine Washer 19-11-2016 7:18 AM

Changing Wireless password would be a very good option.

Leontine Washer 23-11-2016 8:01 PM

Did you got the resolution for your issue

Thank you,

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