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mista_john 05-11-2016 3:55 PM

Samsung Galaxy S4 freezing frequently

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 - about 3 years old. It now freezes frequently and I have to remove the battery, insert again and reboot. The phone then works for a while. I have noticed the phone gets quite hot before freezing. I have tried using a new battery but this does not change anything. Bluetooth is off. I have problems with the camera - message 'camera failed' but I have the freezing problem regardless of whether or not I try to use camera. All apps are up-to-date and I regularly clear the cache. Any thoughts? Thanks

mista_john 06-11-2016 1:59 PM

One more thing I have noticed is that when the phone starts getting hotter (after which it freezes) - if I check the Battery Usage stats, I see 'mm-qcamera-daemon'. Not a big percentage but frequently there. Could that be related to the problem?

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