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sophia33 06-12-2016 10:07 PM

Samsung galaxy j3 2016 picture problems
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Hi! I've had my j3 since August now and I've had no problems until about a month ago. I quite like my j3 but sometimes I just want to throw it under a bus! I am by no means a phone enthusiast and I've got no idea what I'm doing.

I really like pet photography so I've set up a couple instagram accounts to share my photos on, so I have to put the photos onto my phone. The photos are fine once I transfer them onto my j3 but a couple days later and the pictures have either: grey boxes covering half to all of the photo; sometimes it may be coloured boxes covering the photo (usually green or red boxes) ; or some times the photo doesn't show up and it has this little picture signs with an exclamation mark on it with a grey background and the photo won't load at all, now I'm also not able to delete these ones. The same also happens with videos but with a video sign.

So I'm getting a bit annoyed as I have to keep upleading the same pics over and over again. So any help and advice would be much appreciated!!

I've also (hopefully) attached a screenshot of what the photos sometimes look like.⬇⬇

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