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Petel 08-09-2017 9:06 PM

Removing a Tesco logo ?
Have recently purchased S/H Nokia 1680c mobile phone on Ebay.
Unit is fully functional and is unlocked.

However, on start up, a Tesco logo appears in the bottom right
corner of the screen and having trawled through the menu's, I do
not see a way of removing it. I presume that the unit was
originally locked on Tesco ( O2 )

Can anyone please advise, if they are aware of a way of deleting
this logo?

Thank you, Pete.

kunalkumar 12-09-2017 10:10 AM

Select Menu, scroll to Settings, then Display Settings, then Operator Logo, it should give you the option to turn the logo off.

Silpaulin Tarpaulin

Petel 24-09-2017 10:47 AM

Many thanks to Kunalkumar for the reply.
Eventually found it in " My Shortcuts " and was able to change it to " Lock Keypad " which is of far more use to me.
Thank you again, Petel

lee 30-09-2017 8:35 PM

If a phone has been supplied by a network it’ll have a version of their branded firmware on it. The splash screens and any network specific apps are part of that.

You maybe able to download a custom rom onto it which would remove all the bloatware.

Petel 20-10-2017 8:38 AM

Thanks again Lee.

lee 29-10-2017 8:36 PM

You’re welcome.


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