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kunalkumar 19-09-2017 7:07 AM

What you think, is iOS superior to Android?
I think that iOS is superior to Android. Android is available on most types of phones, and this can slow down the production of system updates since the update needs to be accommodating to all different types of phones.These late system updates can cause security risks in Androids by giving malware. iOS is more secure and is less susceptible to malware.

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lee 30-09-2017 9:46 PM


iOS can be a better experience because it’s made by Apple for Apple devices this just works. However it’s not immune to malware etc. It’s also imo been spoiled somewhat from slop , Jank and jitter. It’s sandboxed by Apple to make it more stable and less prone to security breaches which can stifle the user experience.

Android is open source so can offer more but can have the downside if a person decides to side load an apk file away from the relative safety of Google Play.

Yes one issue is most versions of Android isn’t vanilla as manufacturers add their own skin to it. One example being Touchwizz by Samsung better known now as the Samsung Experience and is much leaner and smoother than Touchwizz of old.

So in my opinion and experience one isn’t superior over the other !

Both have their Pro’s and Con’s.

Ultimately it’s dosn to what one wants out of the software.

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