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Old 01-12-2008, 9:15 AM
mrfuzzy4 mrfuzzy4 is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2008
Phone: lg 8550 chocolate
Network: verizon
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bitpim 8550 error, can anyone read code?

File "phones/com_lg.pyo", line 1711, in _sendbrewcommand
File "phones/com_brew.pyo", line 755, in sendbrewcommand
File "phones/com_phone.pyo", line 114, in setmode
File "phones/com_brew.pyo", line 716, in _setmodebrew
File "commport.pyo", line 278, in sendatcommand
ATError: None

Variables by last 8 frames, innermost last

Frame getfundamentals in phones/com_lgvx4400.pyo at line 96
self = <phones.com_lgvx8500.Phone object at 0x18f9a090>
results = Keys []

Frame get_esn in phones/com_lgvx8300.pyo at line 85
self = <phones.com_lgvx8500.Phone object at 0x18f9a090>
data = None

Frame get_brew_esn in phones/com_brew.pyo at line 335
self = <phones.com_lgvx8500.Phone object at 0x18f9a090>

Frame _sendbrewcommand in phones/com_lg.pyo at line 1714
self = <phones.com_lgvx8500.Phone object at 0x18f9a090>
args = (<phones.p_brew.ESN_req object at 0x18f9a030>, <class 'phones.p_brew.ESN_resp'>)
=0 A
func = <bound method Phone.sendbrewcommand of <phones.com_lgvx8500.Phone object at 0x18
kwargs = Keys []

Frame sendbrewcommand in phones/com_brew.pyo at line 755
callsetmode = True
request = <phones.p_brew.ESN_req object at 0x18f9a030>
self = <phones.com_lgvx8500.Phone object at 0x18f9a090>
responseclass = <class 'phones.p_brew.ESN_resp'>

Frame setmode in phones/com_phone.pyo at l ine 116
desiredmode = 'modebrew'
self = <phones.com_lgvx8500.Phone object at 0x18f9a090>
strmode = 'none'
strdesiredmode = 'brew'
func = '_setmodebrew'
v = 'writeobject'

Frame _setmodebrew in phones/com_brew.pyo at line 725
baud = 0
self = <phones.com_lgvx8500.Phone object at 0x18f9a090>
req = <phones.p_brew.memo ryconfigrequest object at 0x18f9a270>
respc = <class 'phones.p_brew.memoryconfigresponse'>

Frame sendatcommand in commport.pyo at line 278
b = 0
res = []
self = <commport.CommConnection instance at 0x17f1e2b0>
atcommand = '+GMM'
retry = False
fullline = 'AT+GMM'
ignoreerror = False
line = 'ERROR'

any guesses?
I can't read code, so can anyone tell me what this says in lamens terms, or better yet, how to fix it? thanks.
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