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Old 20-12-2008, 9:47 PM
penfold27 penfold27 is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2008
Phone: SE G900
Network: Orange
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Sony Ericsson G900

I am new to this forum, so hi everyone

Part of the reason for me joining is because I have just bought a new phone - a SE G900. I wanted a smartphone with a good camera that was small enough to use as my everyday phone and (after much research!) I thought this looked ideal.

Literally a few hours after buying it though I noticed that it had been withdrawn from the SE website

I googled around for a bit to find out why and came across one website which suggested that SE is withdrawing this model and the G700 because it is not continuing with the UIQ platform.

Does that mean there are serious issues with it?

I have searched this forum for views on the G900 but there is almost nothing here!! Have I made a really bad choice then? Does anyone out there own one who can tell me what it is really like?

Any comments (good or bad) on the phone would be much appreciated
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Old 21-12-2008, 10:29 AM
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Phone: Samsung Note 10+ 5G.
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I have done a bit of searching and this is what I have found.

Although it seems to be quite popular in other countries, the G900 hasn't really taken off in the UK. It's a 3G Symbian smartphone with a combination of a normal keypad and a touchscreen. It's perhaps more of a PDA than most phones, and it's definitely a good phone for organising and messaging.
For a smartphone, it's reasonably compact and pretty lightweight. It has a conventional keypad, but also has touchscreen controls, and can even recognise handwriting - that's what the stylus is for. The handwriting recognition takes some practice, but once you get used to it it's a very quick way to enter text.
The phone has some powerful organiser functions pre-installed and, being Symbian, you can download plenty of third-party apps too. Useful features include a voice recorder, Opera web browser and support for RSS feeds. With 160 MB of onboard memory and the capacity to take microSD cards up to 4GB, you'll be able to store plenty of stuff and use your phone to organise your day-to-day life.
Although it's not a Cybershot or Walkman phone, it still comes with a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, plus a media player, so you have full access to core multimedia features.
Connectivity is excellent, with Bluetooth and USB available. The G900 also has WiFi support and 3G, although note that it has triband GSM support, not quadband, and there's no HSDPA support either. These seem to be illogical omissions.
We're not sure why the G900 isn't a popular phone in the UK. You can see from the user reviews below that it is more popular in other countries. We can't find anything particularly wrong with it, other than the usual issues with Symbian phones, i.e. a slow user interface with occasional freezing.

Some user reviews

Reviewed by Faisal from United Kingdom on 28th Nov 2008
I upgraded to this phone for over a month now, all applications works perfect. Compare to M600 it has a camera and picture quality is excellent as well as a video recorder. Handwritten recognition is really good when you donít want to use keypad to send messages, also ideal when you want to write a quick note. For those with big fingers you can use a stylus for a touch screen. The only odd thing is when you apply a new theme from your memory card, this saved straight to your internal memory and are not operated through memory card like other phones. The phone is not very popular in UK because itís exclusive to Carphonewarehouse and only available in O2 and Orange. Itís a best Business phone on the market, I recommend this phone and give it a 5*.

Reviewed by Steffen from Norway on 28th Nov 2008
extremely slow and extremely enoying! The interface/layouts is a bit off and becuse of it I tend to click my self in to unintended menues and since its so slow it take ages to get out again and to what i really want. And Why is the chargerheadphones plugg on the side and not on the bottom? It makes it 10cm wide - my tumb cant reach all buttons! But my fingers are still to fat for the small tochscreen icons. So there I go agian in to an other unintended menu. Oh Sh**! Its was fancy when I got it at work but now its snowing, the train is late but I cant get the thing to call my boss becuse its freezed up again. Out with the battery in the freezing cold then....

Reviewed by Chris Sparke from UK on 28th Nov 2008
I've owned a G900 since the day it came out in the UK after reading excellent previews of it online. I have found it nothing short of excellent with almost no problems of consiquence. There is a second or two lag to every screen loading and menu's appearing, but if you can live with that and be just a little bit patient with it, it more than rewards you. The touchscreen is accurate and responsive, allowing you to press tiny buttons (things designed to use the included stylus with) with fingertips. It contains the majority of features you would expect both of a Smartphone, and of Sony Ericsson. The camera and media player are both excellent considering they are basically add-on features on this phone. Syncing with Microsoft Outlook for emails, appointments, remiders, etc. has made things really easy to keep track of. The fact that it looks like a normal Sony-Ericsson phone (just a block with rounded corners, screen and a keypad) that is only a little bit bigger than a normal p hone makes it brilliant for people who would like some of the features of a Smartphone (e.g. syncing Calender with Outlook) but still want to be able to use a normal phone. The phone has a good battery life, in my experience (especially when considering it has a full touch screen). Internet is as quick as I would expect and fairly easy to navigate, although since the screen is no-where near as large as an iPhone it obviously can't handle big pages as well. If you want a smartphone, but are unsure about switching away from a convention phone, then this might be the perfect solution. It's a Smartphone in a Feature-phone body.

Reviewed by SteveyGTI from USA on 12th Nov 2008
I've had the G900 for 4months now. This is a perfect phone for staying organised. The sticky-note pad is an excellent feature for spontaneous note taking and reminders. You just write a note on your phone w/ yer stylus and save it. you can also set an alarm reminder with each note, and create folders for notes and send notes as sms or mms. the phone is equipped w/ Quickoffc,PDF app,Activesync, Blackberry Svcs,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi business card scanner and so many other apps good for you business professionals out there. Its rather easy and user-friendly to navigate thru the phone. Use the touchscreen, D-pad or #keys,. the camera/video features are great: AF,touchscreen AF, multishot, panoramic, etc. the phone is thin, lite, hardly noticebale and not flamboyant by any means. A+ for hardware and software apps. Unfortunately, the phone can drag and be a little slow when navigating thru the apps. It only has 160MB of RAM for all the apps that are packed into this phone. It needs more RAM, like the Experia X1, which has 256MB!! The G900 can support up to 8G of external memory for excessive picture taking and music and podcasts listeners. Overall, this is the best phone i've ever had. The handwriting recognition w/ sticky-notes and 5.0 MP camera are my 2 fave features. Get this phone if you arent a speed freak and dont mind the drag time of navigating thru apps. The iphone is probably better for you if you are particular about speed and brilliance of colour, but iphone is a whole different story. Thanks for reading!

Reviewed by Lala from Philippines on 7th Nov 2008
I really love this phone. Every single detail is almost perfect for me. I have to admit that this phone has some slight turn offs but that's life everything has it's weakness...^_^ I LOVE IT!!!

Reviewed by Ursula A from South Africa on 5th Nov 2008
I recently upgraded my phone to the G900 and it's great. I'm having trouble with no sound coming through on ringtones, message alerts etc, although the volume has been set. Using the handsfree there is sound (just to test if there is sound). I've navigated through settings etc & even turned the phone off and back on again, but the sound still does not work on ringtones, message alerts etc. Any suggesstions?

Reviewed by Harris from Malaysia on 19th Oct 2008
Love the phone... better than N series...

Reviewed by Dan from U.K on 18th Oct 2008
I have had this phone for about a week now (I got it sim free on the internet) Moving up from my k800i I had high expectations. These were met in my opioion. I would agree with everything the review above.Handwriting rec is impossible still cannot do it.I did have inital problems getting used to the applications but I put that down to myself rather than the phone. I haven't exprienced any of the slow down that has been mentioned in the previous comments either. For me this phone is a dwfinate step in the right direction for SE

Reviewed by nic from uk on 17th Oct 2008
It's not popular in the uk because you can't get it anywhere! There seem to be no new phones being introduced even though they are everywhere else in the world. Perhaps they're trying to get rid of the bulky K850i and the novelty C902 overstock first? [Editor's comment: You're right, nic. It's because the networks aren't selling it that no-one in the UK has it!]

Reviewed by Omar from Malaysia on 16th Oct 2008
Received this phone as gift from my wife. Phone is slow, camera picture quality not as good if compared to my previous SE W810i. Always got problem with the mrouter. Anyway, will try to like it as it has the touchscreen and Wifi...

Reviewed by krikke from belgium on 15th Oct 2008
LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, great phone of you know how to use him !!!

Reviewed by Ritche M from Philippines on 7th Oct 2008
there are a couple of mods for this phone at the following forums: 1) 2) 3) mods available: 1) camera mod 2) sound mod 3) alarm mod 4) etc...

Reviewed by Arianne Ruivivar from Sri Lanka on 6th Oct 2008
OOG! It's superfragilistic. I love my Ham!!

Reviewed by Nick from Indonesia on 30th Sep 2008
Not nearly as good as the M600i. It has a few more features; wireless & the camera, but it has not been designed as nearly as well. The M600i had a fly wheel at the side for easy scrolling, and was easier to operate. Not impressed by the camera either - bring back the M600i.

Reviewed by roker from india on 28th Sep 2008
the poorest of all

Reviewed by Dave from Thailand on 22nd Sep 2008
Had this phone since July and love it. It does everything I ever wanted a phone to be. I even bought two. One for me and one for my wife and both work very well. Those that talk about it being slow and not taking good photos were simply unlucky. The photos aren't as good as a other camera phones but its designed to organize your life and it does this well. Sure I had issues syncing the phone, but that's the beauty of mobile phones today. I sync the phone with my outlook calendar via goosync and easily get my email as well. I use google maps on it and the media player software works great. Even better is the speed of the wi-fi. In a city like Bangkok you are never far from a free wireless connection. The touch screen and buttons are very intuitive. If Thailand only had 3G networks I'm sure it would work much better. For the price, it's well worth it.
A Warm Welcome to the forum.
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Old 21-12-2008, 6:05 PM
penfold27 penfold27 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Phone: SE G900
Network: Orange
Posts: 2
penfold27 is on a distinguished road
Thanks for this lee. I have also read many reviews on the web and they seemed on the whole positive. I do wonder if I would have been better going for a Nokia N series but my old phone is a k800i and I wanted to stick with SE if poss. It sounds like the camera may not be as good but I hope the smartphone features and slimmer size will make it a better overall phone.

Be great to hear from anyone else who has actually owned one (prob not many of them around though!)
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