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niejun 10-12-2020 2:34 PM

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode without data loss
"[Summary]: When you upgrade to the latest IOS 14 system, is your iPhone card stuck in reboot loop, or is it stuck on the apple logo screen (recovery mode)? How to repair the iPhone 12 / 11 / XS / XR / XS max / X / 8 / 7 / 6S stuck in the recovery mode.

The latest IOS 14 system brings a series of optimizations and updates. If you want to upgrade, go to Settings > General > software to upgrade your iPhone or iPad. I have to say that when you upgrade to IOS 14, you may face the problem of iPhone recovery mode. There are two possible answers to this question: software corruption or hardware problems. If your phone is wet, it may be a hardware problem. In most cases, a serious software problem can cause the iPhone to fall into recovery mode. In any case, finding a way to get your iPhone back to normal is the first thing you need to do. This article will provide you with some effective solutions to get your iPhone out of recovery mode after the IOS 14 update.

Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode on iOS 14 without Data Loss

IOS system recovery aims to repair various IOS problems on your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, so that your device can return to normal state. After IOS 14 / IOS 13 is updated, you can easily repair the iPhone stuck in recovery mode, Apple logo, black screen, etc., without losing any data. As long as you connect your iPhone to the computer, the IOS system recovery function can help you download the corresponding firmware package and quickly install it to your iPhone. After successful installation and recovery, the iPhone will restart and return to normal. In addition, you will find that all the data before is still in the phone. In addition, the ""iPhone data recovery"" function can also help you recover the data deleted or lost in iPhone after IOS 14 / IOS 13 update, including photos, contacts, SMS, call history, notes, video, calendar, WhatsApp messages, etc. But in this case, I'll show you detailed instructions on how to fix the iPhone getting into recovery mode in IOS 14.

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